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A Much Needed Makeover for “Manifest”

 Hey readers, I’m back to bemoan the fate of the world with a twist of optimism at the end!

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Something terrible is happening to eight letters. Manifest. The definition you’ll find for manifest in the dictionary is “ something readily perceived by the eye; obvious,” but what manifest has come to mean something more like “ to bring into existence with willful visualization.” in my last essay, I talk about language being alive and changing as our needs change. So this contextual shift isn’t uncommon or, in its essence, all that special. But I am not dramatic. THIS IS BADDDD. 

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 Every new year people write out a list of desires they want for their lives in the upcoming 364 days. So considering the growing acceptance of spiritual values, the word manifest is being used even in traditionally religious connotations. The idea to manifest something comes from a set of values popularized about a decade ago. 

Your New Year's Resolution Strategy: Tap Into Consumers' Desire For Improvement

This is the law of attraction. 

In case you don’t remember or know what the law of attraction is, it’s a philosophy that says that when you think positive thoughts, you attract positive outcomes, and when you think negative thoughts, you attract negative outcomes. Attaching the philosophies of LOA to the word manifest is the exact thing we do not want.

The Secret Documentary - Download | The Secret - Official WebsiteThink and Grow Rich: Hill, Napoleon: 9781604591873: BooksUsing the Law of Attraction for Small Business Success | FreshBooks Blog

Very simple. Besides the hordes of fishy characters promoting the law of attraction, it’s just problematic. 



Problem One

Encouraging people to just be positive pushes them into denial of the traumas they face.  Telling people to just be positive is dehumanizing. Being positive to the point of delusion is the sort of eerie character trait that writers put in robots to scare us. It denies you access to great insight that is only available on your darkest nights. There is wisdom in every dark night, but it’s unhealthy to try to force it away with positive thinking. In a great loss, we usually learn what matters most to us. Do not subscribe to whatever solo gaslighting all these gurus sell in their oh-so-exclusive online course.

Problem Two

It makes people directly responsible for all their life’s misfortunes. That’s not fair. Not every bad thing that happens to people is attracted to them by how they think. Ergo, if you find out you have cancer, it would be because of your own negative thinking. This world is chaos. You absolutely aren’t responsible for everything in your life. It’s unfair to even suggest that. This idea doesn’t exactly promote compassion either, and a helping hand can go a very long way.

Problem Three

The Law of attraction uses super broad scientific reasoning. Weird justifications from mid-air” in physics like attracts like,” Okay? and correlation doesn’t equal causation. On top of that, it’s not a law. Laws in science are proven through repeated study and retrieval of data. An individual testimonial does not count, one thousand individual testimonials don’t count.

Problem Four

This isn’t an alternative for real goal setting or ACTION. There is no timeline for milestones, just someone lying with an image of them running a marathon on a vision board and in their mind. Manifesting is choosing a direction and the work you put in. When people say manifest, and only refer to LOA, the word erases the peaks and valleys that come with working toward a worthy goal. It turns into something they just conjured up.

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Manifestation should not be synonymous with bibiddy babiddy boo but with Beyonce, duh.

How To Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams In 5 Steps - xoNecole: Women's Interest, Love, Wellness, Beauty



There’s a better way…

Manifestation has likely entered the mainstream vernacular because it addresses a need all humans have to self-actualize. LOA isn’t a natural match for me, but when I do use the word manifest, I’m using the following ideas.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs | Simply Psychology

Reduce Myopia

Myopia is just a fancy way to tunnel vision. You need to expand your worldview and what you perceive as being possible. The first way to do this is by traveling(it’s a pandemic, and I know that, but this is all in theory). Most people wouldn’t dream of watching the same TV show for the rest of their life. But, they’ll live in the same zip code their entire life. If the opportunity presents itself, leave and come back or don’t. You ought to see how different people are away from your home base and how they are all fundamentally the same. Second, through education, you don’t have to go to college for 14 years if that’s not your thing. It could be as simple as learning how to plant tomatoes till it’s time for harvest, then moving onto winter produce and spring. The internet is an infinite reservoir of information at your disposal. You can learn anything. The real trouble is choosing something. Last, find someone who already accomplished what you’re aiming for and copy them. You may not find a mentor to hold your hand when you’re on your way. But, if someone is making it happen and you see their formula, what’s stopping you? You can do this! No one is 100 percent original. Marketing experts always design a product to be familiar with a little twist to keep the audience’s attention. Spotify did this with their “Discover Weekly” playlist. This is a specially curated playlist based on your music library. When they first launched, it got very little engagement because all the songs were new. When they added artists and songs that listeners were familiar with engagement soared. If you want to engage with an audience being completely original may be a turnoff.

You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.

Create More Windows for Opportunity

Let’s say your goal is to sell a hundred thousand units of your product in a year. That means you need to sell roughly 8,000 units every month. Do not sell your product on a single platform, don’t be silly. Sale in person, on Etsy, through your website, and even on the Instagram marketplace. You wanna get rid of some old junk, post the same knick-knack on letgo, depop, ebay and winner take all. It’s dumb to wait for a window of opportunity to open up when you can put another hole in the wall.  If your goal can be reduced down to numbers then this is easy. You want to get out of debt create more income somehow, don’t just save money, create more income. Then when you get that extra income start insulating it with good credit, insurance policies, and a healthy stock portfolio.

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Play Perform Practice

You should create a hierarchy of activities to strengthen your ability in your life’s work. Using myself as an example the endgame for me is to become a successful published novelist. This blog is for practice. I have to write on a deadline and convey my ideas clearly to people who scare me (my mom). As well as be entertaining or add some sort of value to the people who read my blog. But I practice and I still get that rush of “Omg people are gonna read it and say I’m stupid” and in some corner of the world people very likely do. I keep writing and working on my craft because this is what I want. For play, I shitpost on Instagram constantly. To the untrained eye I’m just annoying (I’m annoying with purpose which is a lesser crime thank you very much). But to a trained eye, I’m getting better at punchlines, working with experimental sentence structure, and even write mini poems. It’s fun for me, the stakes are low, and I’m not gonna stop. For performance, That is the manuscript I’m working on. It’s the second one I’ve started and I’ve scrutinized it to no end. Because it’s my Sistine Chapel and I hope somebody gets to someday read what I saw in my mind day in and day out.

  • Play: an activity that is very low stakes and enjoyable while still somehow rooted in the desired skill
  • Practice: An activity with higher stakes and intended to strengthen your skills through personal review and assessment
  • Perform: Production of your highest quality work at the highest stakes for an audience.


It is absolutely possible to bring things into your life from seemingly thin air. But as manifest enters the mainstream vernacular, and the Law of Attraction re-enters, use it responsibly. Because “Mood follows Motion” you have to WORK towards your goals you cannot just be positive about them. You should not ignore the things that hurt along the way either. At the center of the law of attraction is a good idea, but the further towards the edges you get, it falls apart and even gets dangerous. So I hope a offered you some better ways to manifest and thanks for reading!

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Botanic Machinery

Every computer ever designed was made to fulfill tasks through varying hardware. People are a lot like computers in that way. You can’t control what hardware you have, the biases written into your software, and the malware you gain by dealing with other entities or environments, like websites.

[GIF] Gender Bender waiting for a call : futurama

The most valuable information you can leverage to your own advantage is about you. The philosopher’s stone to the human condition lies in the knowledge of self. The three categories of self can be observed as the following.; there is hardware, software, and malware. These existing categories are all presented as biological and personality traits. Science uncovers more and more that there is very little action taken by humans controlled by free will. You cannot control anything about your life. You are the most passive force in your own story, more the observer than the protagonist. That’s what you are. 

beavis and butthead computer gif | WiffleGif

Philosophy: Fate and Free Will in the Matrix

The thought of that fills me with untameable rage. But what about you? 


Nature Versus Nurture

For the sake of context, let’s get into the science of the machine/organism. That science to back it up lies in the Nature v. Nurture debate. This is a debate centuries-old that, has tried to definitively solve the question of human behavior. Are we born with a clean slate and our environment shapes us? Or are we born with genetics as the primary influences on personality?

Here is our special guest star Peter B Neubauer.

Dr Peter Bela Neubauer (1913-2008) - Find A Grave Memorial


Born in Austria on July 5th, 1913 but made his name in America as a child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. His legacy is smeared by a research study that had the sole intention of ending the Nature v. Nurture debate. His study involved at least a dozen pairs of adoptive Jewish twins which were then placed into separate households without the parents’ knowledge that their children had twins. The study lasted over two decades or so following the sets of twins into maturity. This study while likely groundbreaking is very ethically flawed. Three of the twins committed suicide. Implying that the personal sacrifice was too great for this study to ever be demonstrated without harming its test subjects, people from infancy to adolescence. What right did Peter B Neubauer have to play god? 

The famous Triplets apart from the study in the documentary “Three Identical Strangers” they tell their story.


So what did the research uncover? Ultimately it confirms that Nature is the heavyweight force in the development of individuals, the nurture portion can make or break them as well. The research papers were never published because Neubauer was worried about “public opinion”. Not only that they are locked in Yale university library until October 25th, 2065. Why do those pages need to cool off for a hundred years before being released? We can only speculate. But, if we know that we don’t have much say in who we are then, we must know better than anyone else who we are, to begin with.

From the moment we enter the world we inherit myriads of biological info from our parents as well as the effects of their choices. Things like material wealth, living arrangements, community, and so forth. There are three components to building the human experience. You have hardware which are things about your nature that are unavoidable. Saying, for instance, being born left-handed and the amount of melanin in your skin or the doormat cancer cells living in your body. You have software which are things you’ve learned through the years that add to your functionality like learning to share, speaking multiple languages, arithmetic, and spirituality. For the final component, we have malware the self-destructive bits we gain through trauma and managing fear by our own devices. People need to aware of ways that can leverage and uninstall programming systems that are outdated or poorly constructed for the good of their best selves. 

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Hardware: Maintenance

Hardware is all about the physical. How tall you are or aren’t. How you look, the shape of your nose, the width of your hips, and so forth. The body is the vehicle of your conscious mind, the garden of your soul. The truth is people will see you for your body first. A few moments go by and they decide what they need to know about you. People want to answer three questions about you every time they see you. 

Can I trust you? 

Can I mate with you? 

Can you add value to my life? 

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Now a typical direction after those facts is to try to sway your audience to assimilate in ways that broaden the rate they will be socially accepted at a glance by society. Telling people the same tired bullshit that ” fake it til you make it”, “dress like this if you have a pear shape figure”, ” chew like you have a secret”. Because people survive through best when people like them and don’t make people want to hurt them. The problem with this is that people cannot fundamentally change. For example, My room can only stay clean if I’m not in it. I am a messy person, messy eater, my room is the epitome of organized chaos. I cannot change that I’m a messy person instead I maintain it. I improve on my messy habits with baskets to catch everything as my storm is moving through and the items don’t need attention after they’ve been tossed in them. I’d be miserable wasting time trying to change that I’m a messy person, instead, I play to that trait and manage tidier results. That said you cannot change who you are and I am NEVER going to encourage someone to go down a futile path.


Something more important than how people see you. Is how you see your body and how you treat your body. Hardware works from the inside out. My Hardware is designed so that I’m a messy person. I cannot change that so I create ways to make it easier on myself to keep a tidy environment.


Some other ways to ensure the upkeep of your hardware include

This is cliche but for the love of god go on a walk

drink some water

and mediate. 

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Your body doesn’t like to be told anything it needs to do via autopilot. Being Self-Disciplined and Self-Motivated is the best way to get your body to behave in alignment with your vision of your life. Making maintenance a routine is eighty percent of the battle with that in mind you can conquer anything that you don’t necessarily think about. 


Software: Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience or following injury.

Here it is without the jargon. When you need to learn something your brain creates more synaptic connections so that you can. Very simply put. Surprise it’s not simple even though it is. To go on for much of history we thought that your brain, and what it could accomplish was static. That intelligence was a resource made with a cap and relied largely on a genetic lottery. No, your brain can make more neurons, and synaptic connections as long as you require it to. Unfortunately, after college, most people don’t take on activities that force them to learn.



Activities that promote neuroplasticity:

  1. Have a growth mindset
  2. Learn a new language
  3. Read a book
  4. Take a dance class
  5. Learn to play an instrument
  6. Get great sleep
  7. Play with mnemonic devices
  8. Take on any challenging task that forces you to be engaged

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Another good software to use is Meditation and Storytelling.

People who meditate reap all sorts of benefits including reducing stress, increasing patience, increasing attention span, controlling anxiety, making you kinder the list goes on. no matter how you start or even the duration of the time that you meditate the difference in how you feel is nearly immediate.

Next, how do you tell your story? Are you a victim with no retribution? The way that we see ourselves and our history on the planet is a great indication of the future we can expect. Someone who knows they had a hard life, but see it as “well this is why I have to be better” is going to have a much easier time dealing with hardships ahead. There is a choice people face when they experience hardship. You may very well be the victim but if that’s all that you tell yourself…

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Malware: Addiction and Compulsion

When someone designs malware, it’s made to disrupt, destroy, and corrupt someone’s computer. The reason I chose addiction to compare to malware is that you aren’t born with it and because like malware it usually takes advantage of an existing vulnerability. Being addicted to anything is more than a painful experience. Your body begins to accept a substance that is killing you as if it is a part of its nature, therefore relying on the very thing that is killing you.

us trailer | TumblrWe are all vulnerable to addiction and some of us more than others. Our goal is prevention.

Identify weaknesses:

Do you hold grudges?

Are you introverted?

Does your family have a history of substance abuse?

Did you grow up in an unstable household?

Do you experience intense cravings for normal things?

Can the candy bar and the chapstick always tempt you in the front of the line at target?

Wow so with that six out of six score, I’m going to say that you do not want to play with substance abuse.


I don’t intend to make light of this. In order for addiction to work well, it has to take advantage of your nature. Any vulnerability will be taken advantage of, addiction is a lonely man’s war. To combat Malware you must know your own nature to a T. There is nothing worse than a devil that you don’t know. Addiction doesn’t have to be as obvious as heroine.

But maybe you always need a boyfriend or girlfriend.

You’re a workaholic

Adrenaline junkie

Shopping all the time

Sex addict

Binge eater

beware of the things you’re attached to whether it be people, behaviors, or the things you put into your body. When you fail to practice moderation you learn the harsh lesson that stagnancy and death are in  essence the same thing


Science says you cannot change who you are. But you can improve. Although we don’t have any free will in the way that we think of the word. We have a better shot at living the lives we want by knowing who we are. One day nevermind how long ago each person had their first thought firing off the chain reaction that is the life-force of all they will ever be. An endless stream of thought, persuaded by actions persuaded by nothing. Nevertheless, pursue your best you because that’s all you can do.

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Rise Of Improvement Behavior Fads

The Kardashians tell Instagram that a gluten-free diet is the way to go. Then, everyone uniformly has some doubt they need to work through. Beyonce tells everyone to go vegan for a month, still, there’s some skepticism. Gwenith Paltrow is an advocate for intermittent fasting, using some 5-day regimen, and she is greeted with the same hesitation. These diet fads are easy to spot. They make a lot of promises, the same type of people promote them, and they are backed by a cult-like group with very vague scientific reasoning being preached. But for some reason, the male YouTuber, in a gray T-shirt, in his late 20’s telling you that this “blue pill” is going to fix your life has all the credibility in the world. Improvement behavior fads are on the rise as our society places a growing emphasis on “hard work’, “hustling”, and “grinding.”  Some of these improvement behaviors are worthwhile, and others are very, very stupid. 

Wake up earlier

My love, it’s grind AM or 4 AM.


This is true sleep is an inconvenient obstacle when it comes to accomplishing tasks. However, being productive and being busy are very different things. Suppose you’re going to lose sleep over something. My advice is that it better be worth it. Why are you awake? Is the time your spending here right now worth it in the next five years? Is the sacrifice of your health going to pay you back? If you are not sleeping, I hope you have a very detailed planner and calendar. You will 1000% need it to help manage your time because you want more of it. Sleep is an investment. If the goal is worth it because I’m no hypocrite. I say take the long night. I’ll caution you that not sleeping is not making you better at your craft. You are making yourself better. Sleep is precious for reasons that science barely understands. While not sleeping is a mark of poor hygiene. Tread lightly. Take a nap after that all-nighter. You are only human. Please get some rest. 



Cold Showers

Speaking of hygiene. Cold showers are another fad that is supposed to improve discipline. Mr. Martyrdom can torture himself every morning to be the most productive person ever. But I just don’t see the point (my anemic friends hear me). The point, according to Mr. Youtube Guru, is to desensitize yourself to harshness. When you get in the water it’s cold and unpleasant but after a while you begin to get comfortable, learning to endure it. This practice is a reminder for the rest of the day, at the start of the day that nothing is as hard as the initial shock. If you do encounter something initially uncomfortable you have the discipline to endure it until the job is finished. This one much like dopamine fasting is based on reasonable logic. But that does not mean it makes sense or much less is actually effective. Fine, Mr. Martyrdom wants to torture himself every morning. Do not mess with my showers. My problem with this is that it’s over the top. Like how committed are you to your goals? “Do this arbitrary and mild torture to prove yourself, now you’re the dragon warrior.” There are too many maybes surrounding cold showers making it unable to hold water as anything but a fad.

Dopamine fasting

Our world is more and more, being constructed to give us what we want and make us comfortable. Dopamine is a hormone in the brain that is released when you enjoy anything. Dopamine fasting is preventing yourself from doing anything extremely stimulating to “reset” your dopamine receptors in the brain. According to sponsors of the technique, you do this by purposefully making yourself bored. So that when you need to do a task a little more challenging you’ll have the attention span to engage with it because it will appear more stimulating than it is challenging. There is no science to support this trick. No clinical trials. Nada. It does however sound rational but simply being bored for a day isn’t going to alter the hormones in your brain so much to “reset them”. This fad can be summed up as taking a break from overindulgent activities every so often. Everything in moderation. Except it’s just…



How to spot a fad:

These trends keep showing up. It can be hard to discern what’s useful and what’s unnecessary. The easiest way to spot a fad for improvement behaviors is that it promises way too much. It reminds you of the movie Lucy or Limitless. Just take this little pill, and now you’re fluent in Cantonese. Another sign is that there is no science. No group trials, just individual testimonials saying that this action is going to “improve everything.” Finally, it’s not working. You tried the cold shower, the silly dopamine fast, and not sleeping to no avail. You were still unproductive or unmotivated by some standard. So what actually works?


Dopamine fAsTiNg wishes it was meditation. Meditation has been backed by numerous scientific studies since the ’00s. Then, it’s been in practice for centuries before that (3500-5000 BCE). Meditation teaches the practitioner to let the mind be, whatever it wants to be. To wander and be in the moment, focus on the inhale and the exhale. Is magical stuff okay? So there’s a lot of stuff in today’s world begging for our attention. Our phone is constantly chirping to tell you that some non-emergency is going on. Meditation is about grounding yourself in the moment. Meditation is very hard to do. It’s not easy to just be. But like anything just keep trying at it, failing at it, and trying again. The rewards are there. Which feels a lot better than a cold shower. There are tons of cool resources to help you meditate—the Headspace app, guided meditation albums on streaming services, and so on.

Todo List

Another powerful tool that can actually improve your life is the to-do list. This may come off as a little elementary. But consider this for a moment. It is really easy to have five things that overwhelm you when you do not write them down somewhere. Those same five errands have endless possible outcomes, they are nonlinear, and have this larger-than-life quality because they’re all in your head. Then, when you transfer these tasks onto paper. They become what they really are, just tasks. Something that cannot hold the same dread as before because it’s just a few things you need to get done. Another good thing, is you have a sense of pacing. You can appreciate checking things off a to-do list. It’s harder to appreciate something floating around the abstract constraints of your mind until it’s not. To-do lists are simple but efficient. They actually make you more productive.

If cold showers are working for you, that’s great. None of that changes this extreme militant cult of ambition on the internet is getting really annoying. Not only is the movement self-righteous and arrogant… it preys on people genuinely looking for that breakthrough to make themselves better. A cold shower? Dopamine fast? Never sleeping? There’s a better way to work hard and be more focused on your goals. Start avoiding the nonsense and that’s advice that won’t go out of style.


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Concealed Currency

November 9th of 1993 Wutang Clan’s debut album “Enter the Wutang” better known as “36 chambers” was released and the landscape of music has changed forever since. If you know anything about Wu-Tang you know that RZA came up with the acronym C.R.E.A.M short for Cash Rules Everything Around Me. The hit single C.R.E.A.M song opens up and Raekwon skillfully greets us with an illustration of a very rugged world of “Shaolin” (Staten Island). Raekwon’s verse tells you everything that he doesn’t have on the surface but, the subtext tells you he has different types of currency that lead him to actual money.

Album Review: Wu-Tang Clan – Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) – LoudSound  Magazine

Performance Currency

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The ability to perform well at any task you commit to. This comes up when an employer looks at you and says “I have a perfect job for you”. The way to gain performance currency is to practice at something steadily. There is the 10000-hour rule floating around that some people rely on for a number of hours you’ll need of practice to be world-class. Reviewing your performance is another way. Taking a moment to access what can be done better in the future. What is not to be done in the future, and so forth. Practice and review are the key ways to keep acquiring performance currency and thus acquiring opportunities to grow. Another way to ensure a lot of performance currency is understanding what marks you have to meet to deliver on whatever is asked you. This can be setting goals for yourself, following the footsteps of a mentor, or something as small as a to-do list.

Resilience Currency

Is it worth the trouble? | Aesthetic gif, Sisyphus tattoo, Gif pictures

My life got no better, same damn ‘Lo sweater…

 This bar one can be summed up very shortly as keep going.  This is all about hours, days, and the time you put in. Whatever it is just keep showing up. Show up earlier and decrease the intervals when you’re not grinding at your craft. Don’t panic when things don’t work out the first time, the second time, the third time. Those times when you can only think of reasons to give up, keep f****** going. Eventually even if by accident you will collide with a breakthrough. But you have to create enough scenarios where you’re available to receive those sorts of epiphanies. Resilience is about forfeiting any external arrivals. It’s only you every day for a few hours, minutes. Show up every day and something will meet you there when you’re drenched in sweat and you haven’t slept. It will see your effort and show you it was all worth the wait. 

Adaptation Currency

Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur | Bulbasaur, Pokemon gif, Powerful  pokemon

“… Figured out I went the wrong route…”

Next for concealed currency is that story that you always hear about. Blockbuster had the chance to buy Netflix and passed on it. Blockbuster is now a dead brand. Blockbuster refused to change its sales model and then suffered greatly for it. “People will not stop renting movies” they were right but not about their movies. Meanwhile, Netflix has been valued at 145 billion as of June 2019. You need to keep your eyes open to the trends and how things will change because things will change! Keep your ear to the ground because being on a bandwagon is much better than being left behind. There is no need for an all-original model of something because quite frankly something never seen before is likely very disturbing. This is also about being fluid in your identity. Oftentimes HoOmAnS align themselves with an ideology so piously that anything that counters their ideology, counters them as an individual or in Blockbuster’s case a business. So it’s dangerous to be defined by ideologies because they are open to the interpretation of others. Stagnation is the primary ingredient of all curses. You are made to change, allow it.



 Relationship Currency 

Wu Tang's $2m Album Comes With A Bizarre Clause: The Rap Group – Or Bill  Murray – Are Entitled To Steal It Back In A Heist

“…Then I got with a with a sick a** clique and went all out

 Relationship currency is essentially, “it’s not what you know it’s who you know”.

You create this currency by treating people well. You don’t have to be a doormat, you just need to respect people. Consider their time when you enter a shared venture. Always try to be empathetic and allow people freedom. Good relations with people lead to opportunity. All you have to do is be decent. Some people believe that the road to wealth has to be lonely. But it doesn’t, in fact, surrounding yourself with people who are like-minded and share any ambitions is a way to seal your fate. Consider a romantic relationship, boyfriend, and girlfriend. Both parties need to respect themselves by establishing boundaries, expressing things that make them uncomfortable, and not being a doormat. They need to respect the boundaries of their partner as well; they cannot just demand things. Then both parties need to exchange a token of gratitude to their partner and that’s how you build relationship currency with anyone.

Actual Money 

Hundreds GIFs | TenorHundreds GIFs | Tenor

There is no such thing as money. Money is a fictional understanding in society representing value and security. It’s no coincidence that nobody ever knows how to fix the stock market. Being really preoccupied with money and wealth is not the way to acquire it. You can decide that anything is currency and see gains in it when you apply these methods. When someone performs well, has good relations, can be flexible, and is resilient to weather all possible storms. Inevitably you will have to work hard and have the discipline to reap its reward. You will find success in anything you persistently pursue, and you will find wealth as well. 

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Now is a good time to get acquainted with a really good song. You’re Welcome.