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5 Rules Every GOOD Tarot Card Reader Should Follow

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Idiots can be a dime a dozen when it comes to spiritual influencers and tarot card readers. Even in the shadows adjacent to the spiritual community are some bad actors. There are AMAZING tarot card readers who are well educated, those who have amazing products, who are genuinely driven by healing others and protecting the interests of their clients. If you’re entering the world of spiritual freelancer and entrepreneurship. These are some rules to set you up for success as you build a rewarding career, in a field of work that inherently comes with a lot of skepticism. Whether your building a platform or looking for a platform that you can trust, these are some signs to look for that will be worth the investment.

Rule Number One: Humility 

No more excuses! Even studying underwater is possible.


It’s okay to not know something as a tarot card reader. There’s a lot of pressure on readers to be clairvoyant, clairaudient, and all that. That does not give tarot card readers license to speak too broadly outside of their expertise. Instead, it’s ideal to help clients find additional support.

You might say something like,

“ Hey, I know you’ve got your reservations with western medicine. I know a nature pathetic doctor in your area I can get you in touch with them, let me know if you’re interested. “

Boom you’re not going to say have some aspirin or manifest a painless back (Click here to learn how to Manifest). By providing them access to real resources you professionally trust to take care of your client, You don’t have the opportunity to lead them astray.

Another way to embrace humility is to continue your own spiritual journey and education. Tarot card readers that fail to challenge themselves with exercise, self-compassion, and learning about other cultures are easy to spot. Their messaging can be extremely shallow and then they start regurgitating the same things. Challenging yourself spiritually, physically, and intellectually is so important for your own growth and the growth of your clients.


Rule Number 2: Dont Abuse Your Power

Dont belittle others. Do not be the tarot card reader that reports tough love as a veneer for bullying. Do not say harmful things about an entire zodiac sign because your ex was an awful example of Sagittarius sun.

Most people discover tarot as a way to interpret their own spiritual relationship with God, Allah, the universe, whomever. Clients typically are in a vulnerable state looking for answers. The role of the tarot card reader is guidance, be a professional if they dont take your advice it’s not your personal problem.

Why men never admit they're wrong | Why men are stubborn

Dont say dismissive things like “if you’ve ascended enough my message would resonate.” While that may be the case, maybe your message also sucked.  The tarot card reader should do their best to interpret the cards and go home. Learn to keep your ego in check because people will make you feel like you can never be wrong when messages do resonate. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Dont be another person belittling your client’s ability to change their life.


Rule number 3: Add a Personal Touchtibetan singing bowls | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

Add your own razzle-dazzle to tarot. Incorporate worksheets, illustrations on the fly, sing, make jokes. You are speaking for tarot so don’t forget your personality and other skills.

The client comes for tarot but they stay because of YOU.

Incorporate teachings you’ve learned from all walks of life whether it be religion, philosophy, meditation, your physical trainer, another tarot card reader. Use life as your inspiration for analogies to help your clients make connections to their own world.

It can be a great experience to go off the beaten path of tarot and incorporate additional methods because it lends you credibility and offers them diverse support. One of my favorite tarot card readers does sound baths at the end of every reading. I’ve never heard of this before working with them but it’s something I now look forward to at the end of all their readings.

Rule Number Four: Promote Self Empowerment

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Ideally, your regular clients would naturally phase out of your services as things improve in their life. This is a beautiful thing. They may even ask for your help to read the tarot for themselves. Encourage your clients to practice radical self-love independently. Tarot card readers should be there to help in a season of need, pop in when a little maintenance is needed but not forever.

A client should not be co-dependent and hang on to every word you say. At that point, the Tarot card reader gains more from the client’s consistent cash flow rather than the client gaining control over their life. Your client should get to a point where they transition into less frequent sessions with you. Encourage them to take that leap!


Rule Number Five: Good Business Practices

The oldest rule in the book is to make a good first impression. Let’s say you post 7-minute readings to youtube for monthly general readings. It could put a bad taste in the client’s mouth if out of that 7 minutes the first 3 minutes were you cross-promoting all your other services, and you close the video with “we’ll continue in the extended version”. It’s totally fine to promote yourself, I do it all the time, and before I forget… (Click here to Book a Tarot Card Reading) . It should be appropriate though, I did it as satire, don’t sue me. 

Rihanna Wears A Shirt Of Herself Wearing A Hillary Clinton Shirt | HuffPost Canada

Another good business practice is not to make wild claims about your services or merchandise. It’s not fair to your audience. For example, it would be bad to give someone false hope when they need medical attention. It makes you a PIECE OF SHIT if you know what you’re doing or it makes you irresponsible. Chose your other services and products wisely when you sell to people because you would be responsible. 

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The last one is to be reliable. Show up to readings on time. You build trust with your clients when you are consistent. Pay attention to the details. Dont over-commit and then under-deliver. It’s perfectly fine to communicate with your client when you are spread a little thin, but still, show up. Taking proper self-care of yourself ensures that you have the means to extend a helping hand through your tarot readings. 


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Bad actors are everywhere on the tarot card/spiritual side of the internet. Whether you’re getting a tarot card reading for yourself or already a tarot card reader for others, it’s important to enter into this environment with integrity. Tons of people in the tarot community enter with criticisms of organized religion and transform into the very people they criticize. Be someone people can trust. If you made mistakes along in the past that’s fine and expected. Learning from your own mistakes and mistakes is how to continue this very satisfying journey of spirituality and tarot.




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Covid and the Complications of Believing in God

Do you believe in god? Is a question that defines a person’s character in a way almost completely lateral to liking pineapple on pizza. While it’s no one business what you believe and what you practice. What you believe strongly influences your quality of life and how you behave, then in turn that behavior will affect the people around you. While Americans are okay with believing all sorts of things that are not based in reality or even evidenced-based reasoning. I started to look at my belief in God and wonder, Am I too hurting people by believing in something I ultimately have no proof for simply because it offers me comfort?

The Bois Have Entered the Chat

Before we continue let’s get familiar with three rationalizations for the existence and or belief in god. 

The first gentleman is Blaise Pascal. Pascal was a 16th-century polymath and after he passed away his unpublished notes were published in a book titled Pensées whichBlaise Pascal Versailles.JPG translates in English as simply thoughts. Pascal’s wager in short was: Maybe god isnt real but betting on the existence of a god is always the better deal because living in an eternal hell would fucking suck. It doesn’t matter to god if you only believe in him to save your own ass. God just wants your praise. This is the first time that someone basically said if the probability of god is small, but the value of what you’d be rewarded with is so large that it makes betting on god rational.


Next, William Paley gives the analogy of the watchmaker in his book Natural Theology or Evidence of the Existence and Attributes of the Deity Collected from the Appearances of Nature. I’m not even kidding. That’s the entire title.William Paley by George Romney.jpg It goes like this …POV: You see a pocket watch lying around. Did nature make it, or was it a watchmaker? wink wink. I noticed this justification for god going around on TikTok recently. This observation asks you to consider how cyclical all the processes on the earth are without any need for intervention or help from humans (thank god). Water evaporates in the clouds till they fill with water and rain into streams filtered by mountains in freshwater springs and so on. This analogy is also referred to as Intelligent design. Could all of that impressive shit, all these systems be an accident?




The last to enter the ring is Thomas Aquinas, and he wrote the famous five proofs for god in his Summa Theologiae

The first goes like this, We live in a moving universe, and things that are moving move things, there cannot be infinite regress therefore something had to start the first motion. That thing is god. The next three arguments follow that same sort of trek. The fifth one however points to the idea that how is it that everything in nature has a goal and understands it so perfectly ( Except the person writing this apparently). Plants, bugs, dogs, gas molecules, everything in the universe seeks homeostasis. Those seeking instincts are god. They cannot seek these things unless something designed them to do so. This is called the Teleological Argument. 

Why bring these men up? Because these are all really good arguments to support the existence of God, but they aren’t perfect, and they do not make god a fact.

The Point of Religion According to Science

Nobody can say for sure that God exists, so how is religion still so powerful?

Over the course of humanity, spirituality has always been a part of the human desire to understand why things happen. Originally this archaic form of spirituality is referred to as the cult of mother earth people worship a personified version of nature, creation, and fertility itself. Then, as humans master agriculture and there are surpluses of food available. This results in population growth beyond the small groups of our hunter and gather ancestors. This is the first time someone can be socially anonymous. That means someone can potentially stir up a lot of shit and if no one sees and even if they do they may not know who they are in order to be punished.

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The institution of religion swoops in to speak to the masses and say that God is always watching. Your sins in this life will be punished in the afterlife and this one for any transgressions. The 2011 research by Azim Shariff explores how a mean god creates good people. It uncovers that whether or not people believe in a punitive god can predict their likelihood to cheat.

Then as humans start to trade with other less familiar groups in places far from home, religion is a good indicator of the values of an individual. ” I can trust this guy he believes God will punish him if he rips me off for no good reason.”

Truth V. Reality

What’s true in this world and what the reality is can be very different. For instance, we live in a racialized society. That’s the reality, but the truth is all our differences are skin deep. I always rationalized my belief in God as a way of coping with the unknowns in this world. It is how I cope with tragedy, the force that reminds me to have gratitude. Something I can surrender to and release my burdens to the divine. God in my world is a reality, and I always reasoned that if God actually existed is irrelevant because my reality was a lot better than the version where I believed in nothing.

But the trouble arises when I’m confronted with seemingly benevolent practices in spiritual circles online that are just shady or for lack of a better word, irresponsible. The way that people are preyed on by all these manifestation gurus and yes even tarot card readers, who are doing exploitative things to people truly searching for help. The way that big tarot readers and tarot card makers are preyed on online by impersonators who prey on the followings of the tarot card readers. Fearmongering is the most irresponsible thing that I’ve seen, Online prophets and their endless warnings. It’s flat-out DANGEROUS for someone to get on their platform of thousands of followers and say something that further spreads the angst over the vaccine. 

The easiest way to see what is legit in this world is to ask yourself a single question. Is an American billionaire trying to hoard it for themselves? Has a white American billionaire denied the shipment of vaccines to a country of brown people being absolutely berated by the virus because more Americans needed to be vaccinated before giving resources away? Because the reality is in our racialized society brown people are not deserving of resources until white people have them first.

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Believing in God was becoming inconvenient to believe in privately. Because I felt epistemically responsible for what I was seeing.

Epistemic Disillusion

My private world was yet again being shaken up by this stupid pandemic. This time my faith was shaken.

I was deeply invested in believing in God for the sake of my own selfish reward because I’m more of a pascals wager kind of girl. The reality was that I was a better person when I brainwashed myself into behaving because karma was going come wag its finger in my face and make life awful. But the absolute divorce between science and my sage was scary.

The reason I felt conflicted about this is that, although I’m vaccinated and still identify as a deist. Is because people could potentially get sick by following the teachings of people who weren’t thinking of long-term repercussions for the seeds of distrust they plant in people about this vaccine. Was I contributing to that by following, liking, sharing online spiritual platforms as people entered into the maddening fringe world of CBD oil can reduce signs of Demetria in dogs? CBD oil cannot do that just to be clear.

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As someone who believes God is a punitive force via karma. I definitely was not sitting well with this guilt that I was complicit in the harm of people whether they believed in the virus or the vaccine.


Everything is constantly at odds.

Science V. Spirituality

Right-wing V. Left-Wing.

My complete lack of motor skills V. my own feet when I have to walk more than a few yards.

I was disappointed that there wasn’t room for nuance in a community that was born from a gray area. That spiritual platforms were very boldly against the vaccine or said nothing in fear of losing followers. Neither of these approaches allows the space for nuance. Is not about half-ass compromises where both parties are dissatisfied and ultimately no progress is made. But simply coexisting with the fact that sometimes you need both science and god. To bring balance to a very challenging situation. It may sound a little utopian. But it is so possible to have both when individuals continue to engage in dialogue beyond their own echo chambers. Please get vaccinated!

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A Much Needed Makeover for “Manifest”

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 Hey readers, I’m back to bemoan the fate of the world with a twist of optimism at the end!

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Something terrible is happening to eight letters. Manifest. The definition you’ll find for manifest in the dictionary is “ something readily perceived by the eye; obvious,” but what manifest has come to mean something more like “ to bring into existence with willful visualization.” in my last essay, I talk about language being alive and changing as our needs change. So this contextual shift isn’t uncommon or, in its essence, all that special. But I am not dramatic. THIS IS BADDDD. 

Pin on just one more episode...

 Every new year people write out a list of desires they want for their lives in the upcoming 364 days. So considering the growing acceptance of spiritual values, the word manifest is being used even in traditionally religious connotations. The idea to manifest something comes from a set of values popularized about a decade ago. 

Your New Year's Resolution Strategy: Tap Into Consumers' Desire For Improvement

This is the law of attraction. 

In case you don’t remember or know what the law of attraction is, it’s a philosophy that says that when you think positive thoughts, you attract positive outcomes, and when you think negative thoughts, you attract negative outcomes. Attaching the philosophies of LOA to the word manifest is the exact thing we do not want.

The Secret Documentary - Download | The Secret - Official WebsiteThink and Grow Rich: Hill, Napoleon: 9781604591873: BooksUsing the Law of Attraction for Small Business Success | FreshBooks Blog

Very simple. Besides the hordes of fishy characters promoting the law of attraction, it’s just problematic. 



Problem One

Encouraging people to just be positive pushes them into denial of the traumas they face.  Telling people to just be positive is dehumanizing. Being positive to the point of delusion is the sort of eerie character trait that writers put in robots to scare us. It denies you access to great insight that is only available on your darkest nights. There is wisdom in every dark night, but it’s unhealthy to try to force it away with positive thinking. In a great loss, we usually learn what matters most to us. Do not subscribe to whatever solo gaslighting all these gurus sell in their oh-so-exclusive online course.

Problem Two

It makes people directly responsible for all their life’s misfortunes. That’s not fair. Not every bad thing that happens to people is attracted to them by how they think. Ergo, if you find out you have cancer, it would be because of your own negative thinking. This world is chaos. You absolutely aren’t responsible for everything in your life. It’s unfair to even suggest that. This idea doesn’t exactly promote compassion either, and a helping hand can go a very long way.

Problem Three

The Law of attraction uses super broad scientific reasoning. Weird justifications from mid-air” in physics like attracts like,” Okay? and correlation doesn’t equal causation. On top of that, it’s not a law. Laws in science are proven through repeated study and retrieval of data. An individual testimonial does not count, one thousand individual testimonials don’t count.

Problem Four

This isn’t an alternative for real goal setting or ACTION. There is no timeline for milestones, just someone lying with an image of them running a marathon on a vision board and in their mind. Manifesting is choosing a direction and the work you put in. When people say manifest, and only refer to LOA, the word erases the peaks and valleys that come with working toward a worthy goal. It turns into something they just conjured up.

Pin on Wonderful World of Disney

Manifestation should not be synonymous with bibiddy babiddy boo but with Beyonce, duh.

How To Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams In 5 Steps - xoNecole: Women's Interest, Love, Wellness, Beauty



There’s a better way…

Manifestation has likely entered the mainstream vernacular because it addresses a need all humans have to self-actualize. LOA isn’t a natural match for me, but when I do use the word manifest, I’m using the following ideas.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs | Simply Psychology

Reduce Myopia

Myopia is just a fancy way to tunnel vision. You need to expand your worldview and what you perceive as being possible. The first way to do this is by traveling(it’s a pandemic, and I know that, but this is all in theory). Most people wouldn’t dream of watching the same TV show for the rest of their life. But, they’ll live in the same zip code their entire life. If the opportunity presents itself, leave and come back or don’t. You ought to see how different people are away from your home base and how they are all fundamentally the same. Second, through education, you don’t have to go to college for 14 years if that’s not your thing. It could be as simple as learning how to plant tomatoes till it’s time for harvest, then moving onto winter produce and spring. The internet is an infinite reservoir of information at your disposal. You can learn anything. The real trouble is choosing something. Last, find someone who already accomplished what you’re aiming for and copy them. You may not find a mentor to hold your hand when you’re on your way. But, if someone is making it happen and you see their formula, what’s stopping you? You can do this! No one is 100 percent original. Marketing experts always design a product to be familiar with a little twist to keep the audience’s attention. Spotify did this with their “Discover Weekly” playlist. This is a specially curated playlist based on your music library. When they first launched, it got very little engagement because all the songs were new. When they added artists and songs that listeners were familiar with engagement soared. If you want to engage with an audience being completely original may be a turnoff.

You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.

Create More Windows for Opportunity

Let’s say your goal is to sell a hundred thousand units of your product in a year. That means you need to sell roughly 8,000 units every month. Do not sell your product on a single platform, don’t be silly. Sale in person, on Etsy, through your website, and even on the Instagram marketplace. You wanna get rid of some old junk, post the same knick-knack on letgo, depop, ebay and winner take all. It’s dumb to wait for a window of opportunity to open up when you can put another hole in the wall.  If your goal can be reduced down to numbers then this is easy. You want to get out of debt create more income somehow, don’t just save money, create more income. Then when you get that extra income start insulating it with good credit, insurance policies, and a healthy stock portfolio.

Selling Out Season 4 GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants - Find & Share on GIPHY

Play Perform Practice

You should create a hierarchy of activities to strengthen your ability in your life’s work. Using myself as an example the endgame for me is to become a successful published novelist. This blog is for practice. I have to write on a deadline and convey my ideas clearly to people who scare me (my mom). As well as be entertaining or add some sort of value to the people who read my blog. But I practice and I still get that rush of “Omg people are gonna read it and say I’m stupid” and in some corner of the world people very likely do. I keep writing and working on my craft because this is what I want. For play, I shitpost on Instagram constantly. To the untrained eye I’m just annoying (I’m annoying with purpose which is a lesser crime thank you very much). But to a trained eye, I’m getting better at punchlines, working with experimental sentence structure, and even write mini poems. It’s fun for me, the stakes are low, and I’m not gonna stop. For performance, That is the manuscript I’m working on. It’s the second one I’ve started and I’ve scrutinized it to no end. Because it’s my Sistine Chapel and I hope somebody gets to someday read what I saw in my mind day in and day out.

  • Play: an activity that is very low stakes and enjoyable while still somehow rooted in the desired skill
  • Practice: An activity with higher stakes and intended to strengthen your skills through personal review and assessment
  • Perform: Production of your highest quality work at the highest stakes for an audience.


It is absolutely possible to bring things into your life from seemingly thin air. But as manifest enters the mainstream vernacular, and the Law of Attraction re-enters, use it responsibly. Because “Mood follows Motion” you have to WORK towards your goals you cannot just be positive about them. You should not ignore the things that hurt along the way either. At the center of the law of attraction is a good idea, but the further towards the edges you get, it falls apart and even gets dangerous. So I hope a offered you some better ways to manifest and thanks for reading!

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Single Consumer Deism

So remember that time you woke up from a nap, opened your Twitter, and a bunch of people were complaining that mercury was in retrograde. So you looked into it. What the hell is a retrograde? Down a rabbit hole, you go. Now, you know the ins and outs of most things in astrology. Your favorite thing to know about a person is their natal chart. Then, fast forward two or three more years and you have a blog nobody reads with the tagline “just blame your natal chart”.  Astrology did not happen overnight, something else was going on. Witchcraft is slowly being re-branded as Spirituality. Which is long overdue considering the very negative connotation ‘witch’ carries. 


Planets GIFs | TenorPlanets GIFs | Tenor


Even if you do not believe that “witchcraft” is re-branding… spirituality looks a lot like diet witchcraft at the least. Spirituality’s usage of Astrology, Tarot Cards, Crystals, Reiki healing, Clairvoyance, manifestations, burning sage… Witchcraft or Wicca accepts these occult practices and incorporates a few more. The core practices of true Wicca are purely focused on the natural world and setting intentions by way of spell-casting.  Mass re-branding of a discipline happens quite a bit. Alchemy was re-branded as chemistry. Alchemy is an ancient discipline that for centuries was obsessed with finding an elixir to live, and changing cheaper metals into gold. They were most notorious for an unnecessary amount of secrecy. Many famous people in history even cross paths with Alchemy. Names like Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle, Cornelius Drebbel, and Henry V of England all sponsored or influenced the practices of alchemy. Alchemists did not have much success for obvious reasons. They did however accomplish establishing the scientific method that’s widely accepted today. The reason Alchemy eventually became chemistry is simply that no one took them seriously. There were hard divides being drawn between chemistry in the 1700s. Alchemy was for crazy scientists and charlatans. But more accurately Alchemy is the father of Chemistry. Witchcraft, Wicca is the mother of this new single consumer deism type of Spirituality. Wicca has a similar reputation. The main problem with Wicca is that women both young and old have power. In our patriotic world that’s a no no… in simple language. 



The growing number of younger people more accepting of spirituality is a symptom of the existing religions being very flawed. Be mindful that this generation (Millennial to Gen Z) saw so many crimes within all sorts of religions. Christianity in the early 2000s saw the rise of money-hungry televangelists, designer pastors with private jets, and many Christian texts being reiterated by the platforms of the Alt-Right or Neo-Nazis. The catholic church has numerous cases of sexual abuse against young children being exposed globally as early as the ’80s. Islamic extremists in the middle east persistently terrorize people. Buddhist monks are murdering and attacking Muslims as early as the ’70s. There is no rest. This generation has been betrayed by the religions of the world: Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Catholicism. They started looking elsewhere for spiritual refuge. This time the messiah was not Prince Buddha, Jesus Christ, or Muhammad. But an entity that is completely non-partisan, all-seeing, and perfectly just. The internet. 



That’s the best part about the growing shift to be spiritual. There is no sacred text as there is for the world’s other major religions. The browsing history of an individual could be viewed as writing their private beliefs on divination, deities, and their connection to the spiritual world into a sacred text. Individuals are defining religion for themselves, designed by them, to be practiced by them. The first key benefit of this is there is room for doubt. While one person may swear by crystals and reiki healing, you may be good with only tarot cards. That is so okay! In other religions, it’s considered heresy to question god’s design. It’s an abomination to live in any conflict with the sacred texts. It is to be a “ bad Christian if you don’t…”. Having the freedom to decide what works for you is reclaiming your power to get closer to whichever god you believe in. Another benefit, god is always present. You do not have to go to a church and dress up for a society that may not accept you as you are. Most spiritual people connect with God through meditation. This gives a whole new meaning to come as you are. Everyone is accepted because even though this is a large movement, It’s being discovered one by one. Like I said earlier there’s no messiah, no sacred text,  and no place of worship. All those details are arranged or not arranged by the individual. 



Some of the core messages I’ve observed in the spiritual movement seems to be:

  • You and God are collaborators.
    • There is a rejection about being passive about the life you were assigned. You should be Manifesting the life you deserve. Getting on your knees and praying is not enough. Piously following the text is not enough for the spiritual formula. You have to put in the work and you will only ever reap what you sow. God wants a dialogue, not just praise or prayers.
  • Karma 
    • Spirituality seems to be really concerned with accountability. You admit to your wrongdoings and you don’t get away with anything. You have Karmic debts to pay and once paid they lead to karmic retribution.
  • Purging
    • Another ongoing conversation is letting go of anxiety, angst, grief, trauma, and sadness any way you can. If you have to cry it out, hydrate yourself with water, write it, burn sage… It does not matter hanging on to these emotions is the same as poison. The message is Release it. 
  • Spread Love and Light
    • There’s a rejection of competition. The constant message is that there is enough abundance for everyone, in all ways not just financial. Heaven on earth is possible if we were a little nicer every day to those that deserve it. Assume that everyone deserves your kindness unless they show you otherwise and withdraw immediately if they do. Being empathetic as well as kind to people through language is especially emphasized. Just be decent is all anyone ever asks.

So what do people mean when they say they are spiritual? Only they can tell you. They decide for themselves through self-initiated study(probably on the internet) of some formerly taboo things. All seeking ways to improve themselves, and their relationships with the world around them. Religion isn’t going anywhere it’s just shrinking down from being something for the masses. Into something ingested person by person in varying practices person to person. There’s a Chinese proverb saying that the antidote to poison is poison. The western world’s attitudes about divination/ religion are shifting from one extreme version to another. Instead of large groups gathering every Sunday to speak about god. People need privacy, anonymity.  Only themselves and God. This scrapbook style of religion is paving the way for people to reconnect with the universe, Allah, karma, god, whatever. It’s also a way for people to heal from the crimes of “the church”.