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4 Reasons Why Humor is Our Greatest Tool of Language



I hate any movie with Adam Sandler in it. Uncut Gems is the exception because I’m guilty of being a film snob. But please spare me his other films Water Boy, Just Go With It, Bedtimes Stories, Click, Grown-ups 1 and 2. The reason I don’t like movies with Adam Sandler in them is not that I dont have a sense of humor. I don’t have that sense of humor. To laugh at something, you have to understand it first. None of the other devices that come with language are quite compare with humor when used to accomplish the same things. Everything people say is heavily policed by academia and the PC police of social media. Humor is one of the last instruments of language that people are allowed to use as we enter into sticky topics that need to be discussed. The person telling the joke only has to meet one standard and make you laugh.

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1.) Use of Comedy as a Threshold to Uncomfortable Topics

Comedy is the tool people use when it is time to have a conversation that can put people at odds with each other and make them uncomfortable. 

 It would be uncomfortable for the audience to hear me say without humor that the grief of losing my mom is also making me less open to taking creative risks. Plainly saying something is not as effective when you want the audience to engage with you because if they want to understand my point of view, it forces them to feel my discomfort first. But by joking about it invites the other person in without any cost to them, they gain the joy of laughter.

Bo Burnham Inside GIF - Bo Burnham Inside Comedy - Discover & Share GIFs

In Bo Burbumans Inside standup special, he uses humor and original songs as a way to emotionally process his more uncomfortable feelings during the pandemic. He’s self-reflecting in that time, making observations about norms we see online, and processing his existential dread all through a comedy. But if you take his socko joke, for instance, the sock is a metaphor for oppressed groups that he silences and makes a point of patting himself on the back for being a “Changed white man” who recognizes his privilege now. He is not only criticizing himself in the song but also illustrating that even woke white men use their privilege to abuse others while being aware of the consequences. Goat shit.

indira 𓆈 on Twitter: "yeah cool the new bo burnham special" / Twitter


2.) Use of Comedy for Education

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The famous statistic that “54% of adults in the United States have a prose literacy below the 6th-grade level and 21% of Americans fall into a category called, ‘low-level English literacy'”. A huge portion of the American population is not less intelligent but less literate. This gap places a huge burden on regular people with too many adult responsibilities to make informed decisions on recent civil injustices without reliable access to trustworthy information. Once again, humor comes rushing out with its cape on.


Stand-up comedians like Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Samantha Bee, and Hasan Minhaj have popularized combining their standup experience with reporting on topics that everyday people would otherwise be left in the dark on if they relied on cable news outlets, dying print media. Humor is the important link because if you laugh at something, you, at a minimum, understand it, and while John Oliver is talking about the layered and complicated issue of “Wrongful Convictions.” Most people may assume a conversation about something like that would be out of their depth. But by using humor, you bring everyone into the fold of political issues, social hierarchies, and a good laugh. Humor has been carrying the burden of informing the masses for a while when we look back at exaggerated political cartoons of the past.

The Political Cartoon That Explains the Battle Over Reconstruction | History| Smithsonian Magazine

Cartoons and Cartoonists - Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia

3.) Use of Humor as a way to Mock Others

 People regularly argue what I argue that humor is the final outlet for truth when everything is censored. But my idea of truth excludes bigotry and hateful ideologies. Humor, as we all remember too well from grade school, is used to tease others. More recently, memes online are used to cancel people on social media. Canceling is when the entire internet erupts into the hateful commentary of a single celebrity. They attack everything from their looks, actions, style choices, and inexcusable behavior.

I could talk about the low-hanging fruit like comedians who are racist, bigots, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, and so forth, but that’s not related because it’s not a comedy. It’s not funny.

Scumbag Joey Salads' Racist “Social Experiment” Exposed As Fake GIF | Gfycat

 Instead, Zoe Kravitz was a somewhat obscure figure in Hollywood, mostly known for being the daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz. But since her casting as the Catwoman in the 2022 film Batman, she has been widely praised for her looks. Then she threw shade at Will Smith, and the internet very quickly switched on her and brought up her inappropriate crush on a 14-year-old Jaden Smith( the son of Will Smith). Zoe Kravitz’s rise and fall happened in three hours. But the most interesting thing about this is that humor was side by side with the attempted takedown of the actress. 

The Good...

using humor to mock Chris Rock by complimenting Zoe Kravitz.

the shady

Zoe Kravitz uses sarcasm to criticize Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock

The Eyebrow Raising

The internet responded by dragging Zoe Kravitz for having a crush on an underaged Jaden Smith.

 The internet’s habit of aggressive praise followed by aggressive bullying under the guise of humor makes it impossible to have a fair criticism of someone. Which should more often be:  Yes, what they did was wrong. But does that mean that the entire body of work they created needs to be locked away?… no not exactly. However, the individuals who have compilation after compilation coming out of them using a racial slur and few professional consequences for their inappropriate actions.  Maybe holding their feet to the fire a little longer would be fair. 

4.) Humor as an Extension of Charm and Likability

Humor is an important factor in dating (and we already know dating can be hard from this post). According to a research study by the University of Kansas, “Men use humor to gauge if women are interested in them.” Laughing with someone is a good indicator of the type of interaction you can expect in the future, a fun one.

Emilia Clarke Laughing GIF - Emilia Clarke Laughing Happy - Discover & Share GIFs

Humor is an extension of charm and likability. Humor increases the attractiveness of the individual because they are more fun to be around and less serious. Think about the popularity of the class clown. Everyone wants them to sit at their table because they liven up the mood. Humor gives presidents like Barack Obama and Donald Trump unmistakable styles of charisma as politicians even though they have opposing styles of humor and politics. Obama is the king of the fake-out and deadpan humor, and Donald Trump is known for aggressive teasing styles. Their use of humor is what makes them each more likable to their respective audiences. 

Obama out president obama GIF on GIFER - by Shalilen

Trump Mocks Disabled GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Why aren’t other instruments of Language as Good as Humor?

There are a lot of linguistic instruments out there that aren’t nearly as palatable as a comedy. When people take on the challenge of connecting with others.

There is







While all of these examples can be effective, they have their limits. Irony falls short because irony does not translate the same way to different versions of English. This is why British comedy series are usually redone for American audiences. (While we’re on the subject of irony, isn’t it ironic in a post about humor I couldn’t think of a single funny thing to say, embarrassing.)


Metaphor is good to help illustrate an idea; however, you can hardly strengthen an argument with metaphor; only help bring details to life. Like this Jordan Peterson Word Generator. 

r/enoughpetersonspam - This Peterson word salad generator is almost too perfect.

While sarcasm is not the greatest example of wittiness, it is often used to hide one’s contempt for another individual. Even when its Niles Crain and their contempt is blaintly obvious.  Frasier Crane GIFs | Tenor


Statistics are supposed to present the facts and data. However, numbers do a poor job presenting the full picture. Numbers without context are often used to support an agenda. This is done with the famous black-on-black crime stats that illustrate an inherently RACIST NARRATIVE. Black people committing crimes against other black people is not a consequence of their race but a consequence of being HUMAN.

Look At My African American Over Here GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY


Poetry can be amazing at illustrating the complex emotional working of individuals. Poetry, however, simply cannot solve all our complex issues between several Nuclear Powers…

Sorcha Ní Nia on Twitter: "the fact that AnnaLynne McCord hasn't deleted that video yet either means she has the fiercest 'DGAF mate' energy I've ever come across, or she's currently trapped


Humor can get you the girl, drag you on the internet, keep you informed on why America exports its plastic waste to other countries, get you a job, help you process dark emotions, and a million other things. This post is just a big love letter to comedy because she really said:

Im Every Woman GIF - Woman Women Every Woman - Discover & Share GIFs

So don’t forget to laugh at the fact that this post was supposed to come out on April Fools, and I played myself, lol.



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A Review of Amazon’s Road to Monopolizing Books

Must Read: Jeff Bezos Steps Down as Amazon CEO, Rebag Launches Image Recognition Technology - Fashionista

Everyone wants to pick a fight with one man. Jeff Bezos, former Ceo of Amazon, and at the time of writing this has an estimated net worth of 201 Billion dollars. The company Amazon has an estimated value of 1.65 Trillion dollars.


More than that…

Safe to say, Amazon has been busy building an empire. Honestly, their company is a human event, along with the other tech giants, Facebook, Apple, or Google. Amazon has interrupted a lot of traditional markets, but one is on its last fighting leg before Amazon completely monopolizes the whole shebang.

Dreams worth more than money libro book GIF - Find on GIFERThe story of Amazon’s colossal scale started with books. But what does that mean for the future of books? And what books offer humanity as Amazon closes in on completely absorbing the

Origins of

The story goes, Jeff Bezos in the early nineties was the vice president of an investment firm on Wall Street D.E Shaw & Co., Bezos’ read a report stating the e-commerce sales grow at an estimated 2300% each year. Bezos fixates on this magic number and makes a list of 20 items that would sell well on the internet. He zeroes in on five, then narrows his list down to one, books. He rationalizes that books would sell well online because:

  • There is an existing huge global market and demand for books
  • Books are cheaply produced per unit
  • There were already thousands of books in print that sell well, and more entering the market every day

Amazon: The Next Big Thing Is a Bookstore? | FortuneThe company in its humble beginnings operates out of his parent’s garage, and their seed money of about a quarter of a million dollars. After its first two months, Amazon is making 20,000 dollars weekly, and quickly adopts the tagline “Earth’s Biggest Bookstore”.Talking Shit GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY Two years later, in 1997 Barnes and Noble sues Amazon for this tagline because they were booty tickled is the short version. While that’s not what they publically said, executives at the time said ” They’re not a bookstore they’re a book broker”. The two settled out of court in October of 1997 and Amazon kept talking that shit. At the time the only other web entity with a larger catalog of books is est. 1971. (Check them out for free books) Amazon had more than 1 million books titles in their online catalog. Today that number has grown to 33 million books, ready to ship. In 1998 Amazon announced it would be expanding its merchandise beyond books. But books remained a big part of the company’s bottom line until the company turns its first profit in 2001. This was a big deal for the company because they were already being publically traded and this proved that they would be able to survive the bubble.

Dangers of Monopolizing


Juan de Miranda Carreno 002.jpg

Amazon is a long way from its humble beginnings, they are incredibly close to having a monopoly on books. But first, what makes monopolies so bad? While researching for this post, I found a great comparison of monopolies to incest. But naturally, the source’s source was a dead link (I was wildly irritated by this thank you for your concern.) However, let’s break this down. This is Charles II of Spain, he was the king of Spain from 1665- 1700. The Spanish royals of his time took keeping things in the family to a different level. Marriage back then had nothing to do with love. It was a political affair, very much intended to be advantageous for the families that would be connected because of this union. His father and mother are uncle and niece and the looping in his family tree march all the way up. This was really sad for him because he fought off disease his entire life, was impotent, and the doctor that performed his autopsy reported that his head was full of water, the list goes on.

The diversity between parents means that the pair’s offspring are more protected from illness. Lack of diversity leads children like Charles II and a lot of other royal offspring to suffer the effects of poor immune health, mania, and more commonly hemophilia (a condition where the blood doesn’t clot, deadass dubbed the “royal illness”). His ancestor’s obsession with political gain and the lack of royals who weren’t your cousin somehow is a debt Charles II paid for with his life.

The same problem exists with rising monopolies in the American marketplace because…

  1. Consumers are forced to navigate bugs in corporations without guidance or protection
  2. Innovation is limited because when a competitor rises up they are bought out.
  3. Smaller businesses cannot keep up with monopolies ability to offer heavily discounted prices because of their larger scale of merchandise
  4. Consumers aren’t able to evaluate what product best fits their needs

Amazon’s Hold on the Book Market

People have been trying to call a spade a spade when it comes to Amazon for the better piece of two decades. In 2020 book publishers wrote a letter to congress begging them to see how strong Amazon was in the market citing that they cannot afford to publish a book without making it available on their platform. Book publishers’ listings were buried if they did not also pay for ads on Amazon. Amazon is so powerful, that a huge portion of the industry is completely privatized new competitors from any angle publishers, online retailers, and brick and motors cannot enter the market because a huge chunk of it is Amazon.

Amazon’s publishing power has a daunting reach. In 2019 Margret Atwood’s sequel Testaments to her hugely successful first novel, The Handmaid’s Tale was released early on Amazon. Book publishers were hot because they all signed an agreement on what day the novel would be released. Amazon faced no penalties for this early release, citing a glitch in their system. Even if they were penalized that would have taken the book off of its platform hurting the Author worse than its hurts them.

Buenos Aires Times | Margaret Atwood unveils sequel to 'The Handmaid's Tale'

For all the places that Amazon occupies in the market, even its absence is harmful. In an article by the Washington Post (owned by Jeff Bezos) they discuss how Amazon’s self-published titles aren’t available at your public library. Some public libraries have adopted a Libby app to lend ebooks to readers. All of Amazon’s titles aren’t there. Amazon does not sell its huge archive of titles to your public library. This is the same company that didn’t turn a profit for nearly of decade of its existence, snatching resources away from those that need it most. All those people trying to utilize resources available to them without emptying their pockets. People looking for job skills, students, or simply someone with less financial resources in need of an escape from reality, in the comfort of a good novel. They are harmful to Amazon’s business model.

According to an executive at Amazon publishing  “It’s not clear to us that current digital library lending models fairly balance the interests of authors and library patrons,” said Mikyla Bruder, the publisher at Amazon Publishing, in an emailed statement. “We see this as an opportunity to invent a new approach to help expand readership and serve library patrons, while at the same time safeguarding author interests, including income and royalties.”– From The Washington Post.

Quirks and all... — There you go again. Do you kiss your mother with...

These absolute innovators of technology launched, Kindle unlimited in 2014 at only  10 smackeroos a month for “unlimited reading”.  Chile, suffice it to say they do not understand the assignment.

This is About Social Mobility

The real thing that books offer everybody is social mobility. While books alone will not save us what they offer in seeds in all of us is immeasurable. A child’s ability to advance in society is strongly linked to the kinds of language they are able to interpret and replicate.

Think Of The Children GIFs | Tenor

From coding languages to academic jargon, or even knowing that they should file their taxes as an S-Corp instead of a sole proprietor as they embark on their journey to being self-employed. All of it comes full circle if one entity controls how and when one of the last real equalizers is available in society. Amazons hold over a resource that should be accessible to all our kiddos, catalyzes the way Society continues to lose many great problem solvers because they simply don’t have access to the same kinds of resources. The chance that books can be completely privatized, is just another element to add to the challenges young people face as the wealth gap grows wider and wider every year.

This is not Amazon’s fault. Amazon is operating in an under-regulated system of capitalism. Our Government is failing to keep up with all this fast-paced innovation with systems to protect its citizens. The government has a responsibility to act before it is too late or something awful happens. 

79 White House Aerial Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

I’m blaming these MFs. People have been screaming this is a PROBLEM for a long time, and it falls on deaf ears. I think I’m going to be sick.

Tony Soprano GIFs | Tenor


Time for Lethal Conjecture

Books and all that they offer us should never be completely privatized. It may have something to do with me reading Fahrenheit 451 in the tenth grade. But even if you’ve read George Orwell’s 1984 like I did in the eleventh grade (I never did the homework, just enjoyed the book reqs lmao)  you’d see that this is a big censorship issue. Amazon could sabotage the distribution of a book that was written with the intention of waking us up. Perhaps, that is exactly what happened with George Eggers Book “The Every” which is a novel about the merger between a large social platform and an online retailer called the “Jungle”. The book is a cautionary tale about the risk the public pays when trading their privacy for convenience. When the book was released the author prevented the sale of the hardcover version on Amazon. He also released the book 6 days early to brick and mortar shops before allowing the book to sell on Amazon. The Novel has a 3.88/5 rating on Goodreads the book aggregator we learned earlier is owned by Amazon. Amazon is the same company with an enormous amount of bots reviewing faulty merchandise on their platform, or platforms every day. Not to mention that this book was thrashed in the Washington Post (owned by Jeff Bezos) by writer Ron Charles. I haven’t read the novel yet, so I’m not here to critique it. I’m critiquing the lack of blatantly compromised, and unbiased media outlets available to even critique novels without Amazon nearby in some direct or indirect proximity.

Conjecture Heavy Duty GIF - Conjecture Heavy Duty Chris Evans - Discover & Share GIFs

Books Dont Save Us, We Save Us

My friends, books are always at the start of a revolution. Books are not the revolution, you are. How you spend your money, the politicians you support, the investments you make, the ways you give back. Those actions little as they seem have grand impacts even on small incremental scales. It’s doing nothing, that harbors the worst kind of harm, which is neglect. Do your actions match your principles? Keep in my mind that knowledge alone is not power. Actions reinforced with knowledge is what becomes power. Hey its Shey on Youtube does an amazing job breaking down this issue in her video titled “BOOK CAN’T SAVE US…”. watch by clicking the link here:

Here are some ACTIONS you can take :

  • Start tutoring a youth, cousin, niece, niblet for better literary comprehension it makes all the difference in their ADULT LIFE.
  • Buying books from your local independent book store
  • Pushing these politiciansssss with a deafening roar
  • Stop buying books from Amazon, listening to Audible, Reviewing them on Good Reads, and subscribing to the Washington Post. ( This is an extremist solution that I do not think everyone can commit to adopting because it puts an enormous responsibility on the consumer)
  • You could run for Office or Open your own publishing company, online platform, or brick and mortar which would no doubt be a huge effort
  • Including other retailers in how you shop for books
  • Sign the petition that wants the government to incentivize independent booksellers sorta simply for existing



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Infrared Language Barriers

When Galileo peers through his telescope for the first time, we can imagine that he may have thought that everything that could be discovered with our eyes had been observed. Then, comes the Clarinet Player William Herschel, who creates an experiment that proves the existence of infrared light. The light that cannot be seen by human eyes. It makes you wonder how much we’re still not seeing. In English, there are marginal challenges to communicating, which hinder people academically, socially, and overall ability to be heard. This is an effort to shed light on the real consequences that people face when our institutions and society minimize lingual diversity as inferiority. 


TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of suicide and eating disorders.

How Galileo Changed Your Life - Biography


Ebonics or African American English Vernacular(AAVE) is slowly becoming more largely recognized as a separate language from standard American English. When African Americans enter the school system and the workforce, their speech is quickly corrected. They are told that’s how you can speak on the street; it’s informal, uneducated. So often unaided by any external agency but themselves, black people learn to codeswitch to survive and navigate spaces where they would be deemed inferior if they didn’t speak at the standard. Former presidents like George W Bush would codeswitch when campaigning in his home state of texas, his Texan twain returns to his voice, and when he addresses the country as a whole, he returns to a more formal accent. However, there are black people who don’t learn to code-switch and are less successful at masking their native tongue. The effect of not learning to code switch on the fly; snowballs into black people not being able to advance academically; their access to better jobs and careers then affects their overall quality of life. Which is then inherited by their children, and the cycle perpetuates itself. 

George Bush GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY
should we unpack whats going on in this….. lol maybe next time

Starting in middle school I was repeatedly warned by teachers that my peers and I had a responsibility to strive for academic success. As I entered high school the conversation continued but this time charts and diagrams were frequently included. These graphics usually depicted a gap between black and brown students and our white counterparts. It was repeatedly presented that the demographic I belonged to was underperforming which quietly translated to the fact that as a group we were less intelligent. Not just a stereotype but a fact supported by scores and numbers. A research study performed by Claude Steele Ph.D., Steven Spencer, Ph.D., and Joshua Aronson, Ph.D. show how passing reminders of academic inferiority sabotage testing performance of equally cable students across all demographics. I’m going to be smug for a little who would’ve thought? Those teachers telling students they were probably going to underperform would affect their performance. They even found that just by checking the bubble that says their ethnicity worsens scores as well. Here’s a link to the findings from that study.

Help Your Child Prepare for Standardized Tests | Scholastic | Parents



I Cant Even Look At Your Face GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Factoring in the variable of speaking ebonics and being actively reminded that you’re less than by the very people who have the best intentions. Students will not perform well on these tests despite being anything but caple. Students with the thicker accents in ebonics, won’t learn standardized English by failing it in high school. Learning a language requires failing it. Small children swallow new languages very quickly because they don’t have expectations to meet or the shame of failing. My younger cousin frequently said “I can’t want it Didi”  as a toddler and eventually he learned that the correct way to say it is “I don’t want it”. These mistakes are forgiven and are ironed out with practice(repetitive failure). Now how can you expect black children to identify differences in ebonics vs. standard English that they aren’t likely to notice unless directly called out like with my younger cousin? Let me demonstrate in Spanish V and B make the same sound think about the word “bueno” and “vestido” the first letter is different but not phonetically different in Spanish. Spanish natives will probably miss this distinction when they start speaking English and to English ears say something like “Bictor” over “Victor”.


As stated by John von Neumann, absolute genius writing hits back to back like the Drake of science says “You don’t understand math, you get used to it”. This is the nature of language as well so it’s unnecessary to belittle a Black student or coworker because they literally don’t hear the difference in “Ax”‘ vs. “Ask” or “wif’ vs. “with”. It’s not inferiority it’s ebonics. In fact, ebonics is beautiful. Ebonics is full of profoundness. Ebonics links African Americans to their motherland and will not be erased.

Yall just gon throw breh in the bushes like that :manny: daps/rep | Sports, Hip Hop & Piff - The Coli

Autism (in girls)

Leading the conversation online today about autism is believe or not a rising number of women. Most women discover they’re autistic later in life. The gender distribution in girls vs. boys is skewed toward males because Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnostic tests are designed to test males. Women are great at a term called masking, which means they learn to hide their symptoms. Not only that young girls are more frequently corrected by mothers about manners and social expectations because they aren’t shielded by things like “boys will be boys”. Even some stereotypical feminine traits are overlooked by professionals, which could be a clue to helping these girls who fall through the cracks.


Perceived Feminine Traits Autistic Symptoms
Sensitivity  Can mask meltdowns and mercurial behavior 
Shyness Can mask nonverbal behavior and explain avoidance of eye contact
Fangirl Can mask hyper-fixations and restrictive interests
Spoiled brat/Narcissism Unaware of others’ emotions or inconsiderate behavior
Chewing gum, leg shaking, applying lip balm Stimming 

Crazy fangirl (@FutureFangirl) | TwitterMy ASD Child: Routines, Rituals and Obsessions in Kids on the Autism Spectrum









Autism however exists on a spectrum and people are typically cordoned off into groups those who are the stereotyped version of autism and those how to have no intellectual disabilities. This means that everyone on the spectrum which means that women can lead successful lives without being confronted by an autism diagnosis. Women with autism are also frequently misdiagnosed with other things like Borderline Personality Disorder. For girls with untreated autism, it can manifest as extreme anxiety, depression, self-harm, and in extreme cases multiple suicide attempts.

When girls aren’t getting the proper diagnosis this causes the manifestation of comorbidities which then further hinders girls from reaching their true potentials. These girls don’t understand why they’re different and go on feeling ostracized from their peers even when they seemingly have no trouble making friends. They may not feel that if they were there the truest self they would deem as weird and rejected.

Work Stress GIFs | Tenor

Autism in women is an infrared language barrier because it’s being overlooked because girls communicate to hide their symptoms. Autistic girls can be masters of charm and wit simply by mimicking their peers. This is bad because it takes a lot of energy to mask in social settings as girls don’t realize they’ve been doing it for some time. So, when these cries for help bubble up as academic burnout, anorexia, social anxiety, and more in girls they don’t have the language to communicate their autism. Because their entire understanding of language is to hide it.


Call to Action

We can only aid these groups who aren’t being heard by becoming familiar with them, and then understanding will follow.  My biggest fear is that we continue to lose so many great minds in the 2020s because of prejudice or stigmas. Refusal to invest in these groups or asking critical questions about another is harmful to our society. We miss out on getting the greatest returns because we are not bold enough to believe in someone no matter their background. With growing numbers of children who don’t have access to quality healthcare and education. Our opportunities for advancement as a species narrows.

Biografia de Julio Tello

Julio C. Tello is the father of Peruvian archaeology without his family helping pay for his education and being taken under the wing of a friend’s father almost everything known about the ancient indigenous society of the could’ve been missed.

Marie Curie - Facts -

Marrie Currie the only person win a noble prize in two different sciences would not have without the educational investment of Poland’s Flying university and underground effort to educate Poland’s youth during a time of political instability.


American Sociologist W.E.B. Dubois revolutionized sociology with his race conflict theory which would never have happened without his church donations to get him in college at fisk university which then leads him to Havard University where he was the first African American to receive a Ph.D. from the institution.


These harmful stereotypes are affecting people’s lives in ways that unless they stop for a moment wouldn’t even notice. Closed mouths do not get fed, it’s important to advocate for groups who are speaking up but are being silenced. We have to rethink how we invest in our younger generations’ education. This means reading to them, encouraging them to ask questions and speak for themselves without the fear of being dismissed. I have no tolerance for folks to belittle others because they don’t understand their experience or because that person is having trouble connecting with their speech. Be quiet, listen to others and that’s the first way to make all the difference in a single life and the lives of us all. We all have our part and voice in this human theater. Everyone deserves a piece of the pie so speak up and make yourself heard.

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Language is a Toy

Some of the most cherished notes in the world are titled “Grandma’s Recipe.” Every holiday season, we go digging in our kitchen drawers to have grandmas recipe on our tables. The paper is old and dirty; your grandma’s lettering style is almost cursive, almost script, and rushed. Her choice of words, “ a pinch of this, two cups of that.” With a note, she immortalizes the taste of the holidays and herself. Without the gift of language, our micro-histories disappear forever.  It doesn’t matter so much the structure of how we preserve ourselves with words, Just that it happens. It worries me that so many people are turned away from being apart of conversations that tell their history.

Nothing Like The Holidays Dinner GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Supposing you’ve ever indulged in the guilty pleasure of rereading an argument in the comments of any social networking site. You’ve seen one party try to dismiss another person’s argument simply because they used incorrect grammar. So if they spell a word wrong, then whatever claims they made during the online debate cease to exist when the opponent calls out improper spelling as a trump card. Because obviously, someone who can speak and write a language perfectly holds the intellectual high ground and is the winner of the debate by default. There is hardly any room for nuance in today’s world. In the midst of all the bickering, the first weapon that people grab for is the same as it has always been—the spoken word.

The ability to speak does not make you intelligent - Album on Imgur

Thats Wrong GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY


This is a major barrier to all the social progress we cry for on Twitter. The dismissal of an argument solely on the structure of a sentence proves one thing. It’s not about educating each other or finding common ground. It’s about being right. It’s petty and only about two people instead of the groups they speak on behalf of. 

Language is absolute gibberish. Not only is it gibberish, but all its rules are arbitrary. They rarely follow any real patterns except preference. But humans use it to mark down one group because they speak this way or that way. There are so many other things you can do with language and not be so… horrible.  Language is beautiful, entertaining, funny, complex. We use it in vain when we uphold the structure of a sentence over what was actually said. Let’s embrace all the nonos for a little while, shall we?

Oxford Comma GIF - Oxford Comma Vampire - Discover & Share GIFs


Fuck bad pain GIF - Find on GIFER

Swearing is a natural pain reliever. It usually means you have a higher IQ, and it’s really effective. Social norms say that you cant swear here or there, your grandmother will wash your mouth out with soap, and the spiritual folks have labeled it as “low vibrational.” Swearing does so many good things. Language is so much more fun when you cuss. Could you imagine stubbing your toe and not crying out a big healthy


Cursing GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

 Exactly so what is the big fucking deal? To be fair, I do not swear in the presence of my grandmother because… I don’t know if she’ll let me live long enough to complete the sentence. But on my own, yes, I am cursing up a storm. I love cussing; it’s one of the best elements in language to convey seriousness, rage, and disgust, which are all major defense mechanisms to keeping us alive. 



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The word tomorrow is a part of the English language because Shakespeare made it up. Virginia Woolf faces us with some of the juiciest of the first-person narrative. Using her stream of consciousness style to create emotional insights into the characters and tension in the plot. Which would become the envy of many great writers and nobodies like myself. Toni Morrison writing stories exclusively for black people because why are so many books about white men? Well, English is a white man’s language, after all, so you can’t charge them there. But alas, let us write books in color. 

In school, they teach us about the readings from these experimental writers. Then, force us to write like academic jargon dispensers. English teachers then gridlock students into the essay. You cannot swear, Your thesis goes here, paragraphs two, three, and four must fulfill this goal, and so on. Snooozeville!

But there’s a word for that, and it’s called prescriptivism.

prescriptivist vs descriptivism debate

What prescriptivists believe is that language is a tool. There are improper uses and proper uses. It isn’t good to speak this way, and acceptable to speak this way. They know just like I do that language is a fabric we all get a say in.

“Water finds the quickest way downstream.” 

 Language is alive.

 Language is one of the most dynamic forces on the planet, breathing like fire and moving between every single one of us like water. But, in school, when we cross paths with a language class, its structure, and firm lines. All these rules and no emotion whatsoever. It’s excruciating for everyone involved.  While every single reading in the class challenges the status quo, the school system firmly enforces the status quo as they teach us to write. Tell your story. In your own unique way, however, it suits you. Writing is one of the few ways we can truly immortalize our voice. Paint an honest image of it as you write.




 Money Talks: Accents, Slang, and Dialects





It has been said that speaking is thinking. Where you were raised, and how much affluence is associated with that location can be heard in how you talk. A voice marks three things in our ears; Location, Emotion, and Health. We can hear that this person is from the east coast, they might be a little sick, and they are very angry.

It goes further when we hear someone speak we decide how intelligent they are. Having a thicker accent can denote coming from a working-class family, whereas a new yorker who has a “uge” instead of “huge” accent but not “caufee” over “coffee” accent is a sign of wealth. In America how much money your family makes directly affects the quality of education a child can expect to receive in their upbringing. When an individual relies on slang to make their point in a regular conversation the listener is more than likely in the habit of deciding that the person who uses slang is less intelligent. Because heavy use of slang is tied to a lower-income area, with less access to education. But intelligence is not a static quality it can change over time.


African American Vernacular English Ebonics. AAVE Origins African slaves learned Pidgin English before leaving Africa. Pidgins developed into creoles. - ppt download

African American English Vernacular aka Ebonics. A lot of people mistakenly label an entire dialect as, “talking ghetto”. Dialects are inevitable variables in language and happen whenever a population is separated for long periods but still concentrated with an original cultural source, for black people this is their African heritage. NO matter what language is fluid and evolves into ribbons of necessary verbiage to express those experiences.  It’s an unstoppable force but in America the kind of language you use marks important class distinctions which are major indicators of how you are likely to be treated as you navigate the world away from the “ghetto”. Not only that any group that not under the umbrella of “white” is demonized for multilingualism. Piled on top of classism is another layer of racism. There is nothing wrong with speaking ebonics, there is nothing less intelligent about speaking ebonics because ebonics cannot be faked. Like this:

gif film mine steve martin bringing down the house *bdth crackjuice •


Spanglish experiences a similar, distaste from the rest of the Spanish world. Because it’s improper. But language is a powerful tool to track the migrations of people so sometimes,words are lost and others are born because the words are a reflection of the people and the changes they experience in a new place. Historians for a long time could not figure out where the Slavik people were from originally in Europe but they were all over the place. In France, North Africa, and more, so how did they find them? The Slavs borrowed words for trees from all these other cultures because where they were from originally had no trees. Which is the Pripet Marshes, a swamp in the center of the European peninsula.

Is Spanglish just Spanish Slang?

Language is a guardian to the history of people otherwise unrepresented.




This is the famous phrase that caught the Unabomber in 1996 after a 17-year long Manhunt, which to this day is the longest in FBI history. They caught him with a sentence in the image above, something totally unique to him. That is called an idiolect, which is what you call the speech habits particular to a single person. Remember grandmas recipes the scrap piece of paper that keeps her here long after her time. How you speak is that special. Society and educational institutions do their best to scrub it away because it’s easier for them that way. When you have the urge to correct others remember to be gentle because otherwise, we risk losing a precious piece in the puzzle that speaks for everyone. Everyone has the right to be leave their mark, like writing on the walls.

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