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Rise Of Improvement Behavior Fads

The Kardashians tell Instagram that a gluten-free diet is the way to go. Then, everyone uniformly has some doubt they need to work through. Beyonce tells everyone to go vegan for a month, still, there’s some skepticism. Gwenith Paltrow is an advocate for intermittent fasting, using some 5-day regimen, and she is greeted with the same hesitation. These diet fads are easy to spot. They make a lot of promises, the same type of people promote them, and they are backed by a cult-like group with very vague scientific reasoning being preached. But for some reason, the male YouTuber, in a gray T-shirt, in his late 20’s telling you that this “blue pill” is going to fix your life has all the credibility in the world. Improvement behavior fads are on the rise as our society places a growing emphasis on “hard work’, “hustling”, and “grinding.”  Some of these improvement behaviors are worthwhile, and others are very, very stupid. 

Wake up earlier

My love, it’s grind AM or 4 AM.


This is true sleep is an inconvenient obstacle when it comes to accomplishing tasks. However, being productive and being busy are very different things. Suppose you’re going to lose sleep over something. My advice is that it better be worth it. Why are you awake? Is the time your spending here right now worth it in the next five years? Is the sacrifice of your health going to pay you back? If you are not sleeping, I hope you have a very detailed planner and calendar. You will 1000% need it to help manage your time because you want more of it. Sleep is an investment. If the goal is worth it because I’m no hypocrite. I say take the long night. I’ll caution you that not sleeping is not making you better at your craft. You are making yourself better. Sleep is precious for reasons that science barely understands. While not sleeping is a mark of poor hygiene. Tread lightly. Take a nap after that all-nighter. You are only human. Please get some rest. 



Cold Showers

Speaking of hygiene. Cold showers are another fad that is supposed to improve discipline. Mr. Martyrdom can torture himself every morning to be the most productive person ever. But I just don’t see the point (my anemic friends hear me). The point, according to Mr. Youtube Guru, is to desensitize yourself to harshness. When you get in the water it’s cold and unpleasant but after a while you begin to get comfortable, learning to endure it. This practice is a reminder for the rest of the day, at the start of the day that nothing is as hard as the initial shock. If you do encounter something initially uncomfortable you have the discipline to endure it until the job is finished. This one much like dopamine fasting is based on reasonable logic. But that does not mean it makes sense or much less is actually effective. Fine, Mr. Martyrdom wants to torture himself every morning. Do not mess with my showers. My problem with this is that it’s over the top. Like how committed are you to your goals? “Do this arbitrary and mild torture to prove yourself, now you’re the dragon warrior.” There are too many maybes surrounding cold showers making it unable to hold water as anything but a fad.

Dopamine fasting

Our world is more and more, being constructed to give us what we want and make us comfortable. Dopamine is a hormone in the brain that is released when you enjoy anything. Dopamine fasting is preventing yourself from doing anything extremely stimulating to “reset” your dopamine receptors in the brain. According to sponsors of the technique, you do this by purposefully making yourself bored. So that when you need to do a task a little more challenging you’ll have the attention span to engage with it because it will appear more stimulating than it is challenging. There is no science to support this trick. No clinical trials. Nada. It does however sound rational but simply being bored for a day isn’t going to alter the hormones in your brain so much to “reset them”. This fad can be summed up as taking a break from overindulgent activities every so often. Everything in moderation. Except it’s just…



How to spot a fad:

These trends keep showing up. It can be hard to discern what’s useful and what’s unnecessary. The easiest way to spot a fad for improvement behaviors is that it promises way too much. It reminds you of the movie Lucy or Limitless. Just take this little pill, and now you’re fluent in Cantonese. Another sign is that there is no science. No group trials, just individual testimonials saying that this action is going to “improve everything.” Finally, it’s not working. You tried the cold shower, the silly dopamine fast, and not sleeping to no avail. You were still unproductive or unmotivated by some standard. So what actually works?


Dopamine fAsTiNg wishes it was meditation. Meditation has been backed by numerous scientific studies since the ’00s. Then, it’s been in practice for centuries before that (3500-5000 BCE). Meditation teaches the practitioner to let the mind be, whatever it wants to be. To wander and be in the moment, focus on the inhale and the exhale. Is magical stuff okay? So there’s a lot of stuff in today’s world begging for our attention. Our phone is constantly chirping to tell you that some non-emergency is going on. Meditation is about grounding yourself in the moment. Meditation is very hard to do. It’s not easy to just be. But like anything just keep trying at it, failing at it, and trying again. The rewards are there. Which feels a lot better than a cold shower. There are tons of cool resources to help you meditate—the Headspace app, guided meditation albums on streaming services, and so on.

Todo List

Another powerful tool that can actually improve your life is the to-do list. This may come off as a little elementary. But consider this for a moment. It is really easy to have five things that overwhelm you when you do not write them down somewhere. Those same five errands have endless possible outcomes, they are nonlinear, and have this larger-than-life quality because they’re all in your head. Then, when you transfer these tasks onto paper. They become what they really are, just tasks. Something that cannot hold the same dread as before because it’s just a few things you need to get done. Another good thing, is you have a sense of pacing. You can appreciate checking things off a to-do list. It’s harder to appreciate something floating around the abstract constraints of your mind until it’s not. To-do lists are simple but efficient. They actually make you more productive.

If cold showers are working for you, that’s great. None of that changes this extreme militant cult of ambition on the internet is getting really annoying. Not only is the movement self-righteous and arrogant… it preys on people genuinely looking for that breakthrough to make themselves better. A cold shower? Dopamine fast? Never sleeping? There’s a better way to work hard and be more focused on your goals. Start avoiding the nonsense and that’s advice that won’t go out of style.


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Spoiled Ambition

Everyone wants to focus on the fruits of their labor and everyone ignores the elephant in the room; When those same ambitions spoil. There is such a thing as being too driven. A lot of successful people for countless reasons will report being so consumed by their goals that they harmed people in their way. They were willing to live and die by their principles. This is something called a martyr complex. A martyr is someone who is willing to suffer persecution when their ideals challenge another group, and they usually do at the hand of said group. Postmodern culture glamorizes this trait so much that the end result does justify the means. There are different ways of course ambition can turn sour. Each one is more dangerous than the last. Before moving forward there will be spoilers for a few movies. We’re square now because I warned you.

Man v. Self: The Tortured Artist

  Your name is Nina, your story is the movie Black Swan directed by Darren Aronofsky. The prima ballerina in your dance company is being forced to retire. The artistic director is opening a new show for the company, swan lake with a twist. This creates an opportunity for a then-rising star to leave the corps and to be a principal soloist and the face of the company. Nina is one of the most disciplined dancers, her movements are very precise, practiced, and in most views perfect. The artistic director loves that, the principal role is a dual performance. The Black Swan the part of the role Nina does not embody at all. That’s the opposing part of the role that relies on passion, lust, and imperfection. Nina does not know how to dance without being in absolute control. 

For the remainder of the film, Nina very quickly descends into madness. She begins to hallucinate, suffer from illusions of grandeur, jealousy and isolates herself from her mother. In the end, she unwittingly kills herself for perfection. But our tiny dancer is more than poised to die because it was …

Why in god’s name was she okay with dying like that? Her entire life orchestrated to get her to the point of absolute perfection. Why does it feel like our dreams aren’t worth pursuing unless we are the best? Why doesn’t anyone even defend a modest life? Why do we have to give our lives to a single objective and be world-class in those marks? 

Martyrdom is grotesque and archaic. It is the easy way out, to spiral into insanity for a goal. But if Nina kept her sanity she would be a far more impressive dancer than she was the way she died in the story. It is this lack of insight that makes her character dull amidst the dynamic tragedy of her blighted tale. To go on, I love this story Nina is one of my favorite cinema characters. That’s because it’s relatable. Her naive commitment is a slippery slope so many people face and are saved from, Nina was not as lucky. Nina teaches us that the best performers die, the smart ones break a leg instead.



Man v. Man: The Villain

Now we move on to the villain. The Villain in movies is usually the most ambitious person in the film. They are trying to live out some principle standard envisioned by them and will do all sorts of bad shit to make that happen. The villain of all villains

Not him

Not him

Not her

But him 

That rights Anton the Don Chigurh from 2007’s No Country for Old Men by Javier Bardem. So, my prenty film snobs know why this man is unmatched. But that’s for another blog post. Let’s talk about why his ambitions spoiled. 

Anton is a hitman sent to retrieve a briefcase with money for the cartel. Anton does not get the chance right away however because of another savvy individual (Llewelyn Moss by Josh Brolin) in the desert. Makes off with the briefcase and now Anton has someone to hunt.



So Anton has two goals now to kill the individual that took the briefcase and … Get it back duh. 

If you want to know what a hero is made put them under pressure” 


In the worst way, Anton is the grim, stoic, alien adjacent, mad man, killer, persona. His character is relentless and feels no remorse for the people he kills. On top of that, Anton has an amazing threshold for pain. He survives a car accident and his ulna or radius (one of his forearm bones) is peaking out from his skin and he is able to limp away from the accident. Proceeds to kill nearly everyone that sees him. The only people he doesn’t kill are those who guess correctly in his coin flip. Anton will approach a victim ready to kill them, and he for whatever reason is compelled by the victim. He’ll tell them something like not all hope is lost, throwing the coin in the air he says “call it”. A correct call and he reasons that it is fate keeping them alive. Incorrect gives him the clear to finish what he started. 

Anton kills people, blows up a car, gets hit by a car, but ultimately he is unsuccessful and kills the widow of his original mark(Josh Brolin). Again I’ll say it, there is such a thing as having too much ambition. What makes a poison is a dose. Even though a character like Anton has no moral compass and only seems to understand killing. He is robbed of feeling any sympathy because he’s got shit to do. That is the exact problem his task completely dehumanizes him. He operates as if he is second and the task is first. 

Anton is completely void of any emotion. Except a few that hustle culture loves. 






Spoiled Ambition



Man v. Nature/Society: Corrupt Big Business

Polytetrafluoroethylene - Wikipedia

Polytetrafluoroethylene is a long chain chemical called Teflon. Formerly used to make cookware. These criminals (not actual criminals because they have enough money to stay in court forever, therefore they are never PrOvEn GuIlTy, the American justice system is a flop… anyways…) at Dupont manufactured the dangerous chemical knowing that it would harm people. In the movie Dark Waters, starring Mark Ruffalo as Robert Billot, a plaintiff lawyer who sues them for a farmer(William Tennant by Bill Camp) who knows Ruffalo’s grandmother in the film. Mr. Tennant has 190 cows die on his farm in West Virginia. His cows began to become aggressive, their teeth turned black, caused strange tumors, and a slew of other issues. His cows drank water from a stream contaminated with unregulated chemicals from the Dupont factory up the creek.


Dark Waters”, captivant film-enquête de Todd Haynes - Les Inrocks

Phil Donnelly’s played by Victor Garber character was an executive at the Dupont company at the time this film is set in. Phil gets out of character when Ruffalo asks him “what is PFOA?”. Next, the company intimidates all the local lawyers to prevent being sued. They never report to the EPA that the chemicals they were using were harmful resulting in the deformity of unborn children, the men working having a Teflon flu, blackening teeth, poisoning local water, testicular cancer, you name it. They did everything for as long as they could to keep it all secret. Because they were making too much money to stop. If they stop the cost of retributions outweighs the cost of knowingly harming the public. Their ambition spoiled like sour cream sitting in the sun at a tailgate BBQ.

No one defends the modest life anymore. There is constant competition, comparison, and  GrInD. But it’s all for nothing. Nobody is happy. We live in one of the loneliest times in history. All of our connections made electronically only drive us all further apart. Life shouldn’t just be a string of accomplishments. Ambition, in too high of a dose like anything, can be poisonous. However, a 9 to 5, with a small apartment, movies on Tuesday, in a Nissan, sometimes you cut your own hair… That’s something to defend. There’s nothing wrong with striving for more. In fact, you should pursue a better life and self-improvement, but the end does not justify the means. So however you find yourself on top remember you would not be a loser if you chose a modest life. 

Uncapped ambition will spoil things.

Special Thanks to my underpaid editor who doubles as my best friend. I love you Elizabeth.