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About a month ago social media the video above had social media asking itself wtf is low-vibrational? It features Coach Stormy the Lifestyle coach and self-appointed spiritual mentor on the right and to the left of her is her brand presence lieutenant of sorts Tammy Price. You might think maybe her plate is Tamasic, it’s high in carbohydrates, or over proccessed food and then all that ration falls apart when you notice Stormy (who is licking her fingers between words) has the exact same food items on her plate.  Her word choice for low vibration lends her credibility while she makes her point because it’s hard to define what that is, and it’s hard to define the ethics of people who describe themselves as spiritual but not religious.  That is where the tremendous risk lies for people who follow these teachings.

Proceed with caution is not on the bottle when you find yourself going down the rabbit hole of spirituality. I have made my laps around the rabbit hole and I’ve come to consciences. That skepticism should be practiced a little longer as we choose which delusions will keep our realities from splitting at the seams. There’s no need for any direct attack on whatever someone chooses to do with what affects them where it concerns ‘Higher Powers”. But, being self-aware and responsible cannot hurt. Some of the practices that are widely promoted as good things simply may not work for everyone and could even do more harm than good. Let’s talk about it. 


Tarot isn’t Good for Procrastinators 

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Tarot should be practiced as the start of a dialogue and propel the querent to action. But action should not depend on tarot. People(and me I’m people lol) very quickly become codependent on the council of tarot to tell them how to continue. But this isn’t actually going to replace the work needed to resolve the conflict in your life. You still need to do the work. The work doesn’t go anywhere because had an eye-opening tarot session. Take the insights from the tarot and put them to good use in the 3D world.

Tarot can be a great cue to action. But do not fall into a habit of using it as a crutch or neglecting your own capacity to problem solve. You’re smart and capable. 


Manifesting Could Be Bad for Those with Anxiety 

A Guide to Manifesting Your Future with Vision Boards

Everyone has heard of manifestation and the Law of Attraction in these post-covid times. LOA states that constantly visualizing your ideal life, setting goals, and placing reminders of your goal in your environment will get you everything you’ve ever dreamed of. 

Vision board ideas, productivity videos, and gurus encouraging people to stick to the thing they want no matter what flood the internet. 

The problem with manifesting for anxious people is that they build the belief that, their pain will be resolved by getting what they want in life. This isn’t the wrong thing to assume.

Having super grandiose expectations of who you should be as an anxious person wreck havoc on the nervous system. It informs you subconsciously that you will never be enough. 

Release yourself from the burden of expectation. You are enough right now. 


Love Bombing is a Problem

Does “Midsommar” Satisfy Our Universal Urge To Join A Cult? | Filthy Dreams


Ego-stroking in spiritual communities is at an all-time high. Remember the truth is usually very boring.

How often do you have an impactful and mind-blowing week?

How often do you hear that the love of your life flew across the country to see you for the evening?

That you were the king of Atlantis in your past life?

Spiritual leaders and self-help gurus online intentionally love-bomb their audiences because inflamed statements get the most views and traction online. To make inflamed negative statements in spiritual spaces can quickly earn creators the “low vibrational” label that’s hard to recover from.

Be careful of whose teachings you follow and how they hooked you into their orbit. Sometimes these compliments are just hollow praise for the good of parasocial relationships. 

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Love bombing is also a  tactic used by impersonators of Spiritual Content creators.  These scammers will reach out to a creator’s audience directly and lure them in with a compliment, or tell you that you won a giveaway as apart of phishing scam. Fortunately, creators are hyper-viligilant about the risks of fake pages and routinely inform their audiences. But this is more an issue with the platforms themselves (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and others) doing very little to protect their users from spam accounts and phishing scams.

Stop Using Astrology to be Prejudiced 

27 Astrology Memes All The Non-Believers Can Laugh At | Bored Panda

We all know that Gemini stock is questionable, to say the least. But do not use astrology to justify your mistreatment of others. That is not the point. Astrology should be used for self-discovery, compassion, and accountability. Some of y’all are just mean and astrology has nothing to do with it. Using astrology to look into others instead of reflecting of the self, you’re doing it wrong. 


Spirituality Needs to Clean Up its Act

As we enter post covid times and march into the looming reality of a recession, hopefully we don’t take our old mistakes with us. Science shows us in the face of difficult eras religions grow in popularity. Spirituality growing popularity has to do with our grow desire as a society for community and refuge from our sick world. These are just reminders that there are clear disadvantages to some of these tools that render them completely ineffective. Im not saying all spirituality is bad and to throw it away. Im saying with can bring awareness to these tools and use them more responsibly.

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