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Idiots can be a dime a dozen when it comes to spiritual influencers and tarot card readers. Even in the shadows adjacent to the spiritual community are some bad actors. There are AMAZING tarot card readers who are well educated, who have amazing products, and who are genuinely driven by healing others and protecting the interests of their clients. If you’re entering the world of spiritual freelancing and entrepreneurship. These are some rules to set you up for success as you build a rewarding career, in a field of work that inherently comes with a lot of skepticism. Whether you are building a platform or looking for a platform that you can trust, these are some signs to look for that will be worth the investment.

Rule Number One: Humility 

No more excuses! Even studying underwater is possible.


It’s okay to not know something as a tarot card reader. There’s a lot of pressure on readers to be clairvoyant, clairaudient, and all that. That does not give tarot card readers a license to speak too broadly outside of their expertise. Instead, it’s ideal to help clients find additional support.

You might say something like,

“ Hey, I know you’ve got your reservations with Western medicine. I know a nature pathetic doctor in your area I can get you in touch with them, let me know if you’re interested. “

Boom you’re not going to say have some aspirin or manifest a painless back (Click here to learn how to Manifest). By providing them access to real resources you professionally trust to take care of your client, You don’t have the opportunity to lead them astray.

Another way to embrace humility is to continue your own spiritual journey and education. Tarot card readers who fail to challenge themselves with exercise, self-compassion, and learning about other cultures are easy to spot. Their messaging can be extremely shallow and then they start regurgitating the same things. Challenging yourself spiritually, physically, and intellectually is so important for your own growth and the growth of your clients.


Rule Number 2: Dont Abuse Your Power

Don’t belittle others. Do not be the tarot card reader who reports tough love as a veneer for bullying. Do not say harmful things about an entire zodiac sign because your ex was an awful example of Sagittarius sun.

Most people discover tarot as a way to interpret their own spiritual relationship with God, Allah, the universe, or whomever. Clients typically are in a vulnerable state looking for answers. The role of the tarot card reader is guidance, be a professional if they don’t take your advice it’s not your personal problem.

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Don’t say dismissive things like “if you’ve ascended enough my message would resonate.” While that may be the case, maybe your message also sucked.  The tarot card reader should do their best to interpret the cards and go home. Learn to keep your ego in check because people will make you feel like you can never be wrong when messages do resonate. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Don’t be another person belittling your client’s ability to change their life.


Rule number 3: Add a Personal Touchtibetan singing bowls | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

Add your own razzle-dazzle to the tarot. Incorporate worksheets, and illustrations on the fly, sing, and make jokes. You are speaking for tarot so don’t forget your personality and other skills.

The client comes for tarot but they stay because of YOU.

Incorporate teachings you’ve learned from all walks of life whether it be religion, philosophy, meditation, your physical trainer, or another tarot card reader. Use life as your inspiration for analogies to help your clients make connections to their own world.

It can be a great experience to go off the beaten path of tarot and incorporate additional methods because it lends you credibility and offers diverse support. One of my favorite tarot card readers does sound baths at the end of every reading. I’ve never heard of this before working with them but it’s something I now look forward to at the end of all their readings.

Rule Number Four: Promote Self Empowerment

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Ideally, your regular clients would naturally phase out of your services as things improve in their lives. This is a beautiful thing. They may even ask for your help to read the tarot for themselves. Encourage your clients to practice radical self-love independently. Tarot card readers should be there to help in a season of need and pop in when a little maintenance is needed but not forever.

A client should not be co-dependent and hang on to every word you say. At that point, the Tarot card reader gains more from the client’s consistent cash flow rather than the client gaining control over their life. Your client should get to a point where they transition into less frequent sessions with you. Encourage them to take that leap!


Rule Number Five: Good Business Practices

The oldest rule in the book is to make a good first impression. Let’s say you post 7-minute readings to YouTube for monthly general readings. It could put a bad taste in the client’s mouth if out of those 7 minutes the first 3 minutes were you cross-promoting all your other services, and you close the video with “we’ll continue in the extended version”. It’s totally fine to promote yourself, I do it all the time, and before I forget… (Click here to Book a Tarot Card Reading) . It should be appropriate though, I did it as satire, don’t sue me. 

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Another good business practice is not to make wild claims about your services or merchandise. It’s not fair to your audience. For example, it would be bad to give someone false hope when they need medical attention. It makes you a PIECE OF SHIT if you know what you’re doing or it makes you irresponsible. Choose your other services and products wisely when you sell to people because you would be responsible. 

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The last one is to be reliable. Show up to readings on time. You build trust with your clients when you are consistent. Pay attention to the details. Don’t over-commit and then under-deliver. It’s perfectly fine to communicate with your client when you are spread a little thin, but still, show up. Taking proper self-care of yourself ensures that you have the means to extend a helping hand through your tarot readings. 


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Bad actors are everywhere on the tarot card/spiritual side of the internet. Whether you’re getting a tarot card reading for yourself or already a tarot card reader for others, it’s important to enter into this environment with integrity. Tons of people in the tarot community enter with criticisms of organized religion and transform into the very people they criticize. Be someone people can trust. If you made mistakes in the past that’s fine and expected. Learning from your own mistakes and mistakes is how to continue this very satisfying journey of spirituality and tarot.




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