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Daring girl
Playing your games
And dare I say
Fated to be the one who got away
Never just to one
Always begging to get out of here

They don’t understand the freedom of faraway
The consequences of staying in one place

I want to see the somewhere all the rain rushes in
With cold winds brushing up against my chin

Little red nose
And navy blue skies
Looking for nature as my kin of kin of kin
Eat my earth away and the ice caps are near paper thin

It breaks my heart
So I break my neck to get a better peak from some peak on the highway home from my 6 to 5
Cause I just love the moon
My next job is 7 to 3

But only on weekends
On my weekends I’m supposed to write
But I usually get drunk and listen to love songs

And think of you
And think of small fat legs
Half my life time later and I still wait for my baby brother to come home

My home is scattered all along the west coast
In different heartbeats of my loved ones
Who know I’ll always come back home

only on my own time though

They know that loving me is letting me roam
So I roam

Creating an archive of images in my head

Flitting from place to place

Gazing from slow moving eyes

Searching for answers, searching for sylphs.

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